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  1. carver

    Air Tight Smoking Room

    That's a lot of information, thanks all for sharing ideas. I'll look into the feasability of those to see how I can manage to smoke in that room.
  2. carver

    Help Identifying This Pipe

    ok, so dropbox pictures don't work. used to no ? anyway I'll find another way. and here it is. only clue is "Hemingway" is written at the bottom
  3. carver

    Help Identifying This Pipe

    Can you help me put a name on this pipe ? Thanks a lot.
  4. carver

    Air Tight Smoking Room

    Thanks Cosmic for that. I checked your old post, it is indeed seemingly easy to do. Beside the fact the I'll have to drill holes in my rented house's walls ... let's check that with the land lady ... she's nice :D haha Thanks again.
  5. carver

    Air Tight Smoking Room

    Hey guys, for those who have a smoking room that isn't the shed at the other end of the lawn, have you "smoke-proofed" it in some fashion ? We have recently moved into a new house and yay, I have an office ... (shared kinda) but still, mostly my room (she lets me believe it) ... I am thinking...
  6. carver

    Why smoke a pipe?

    Personnaly, I find there is something magical about it, that I haven't really grasped yet. It feels liks the great minds that smoked reached, while smoking, an ether that us commoners that don't puff can't touch. Sherlock Holmes solving puzzles counting time in bowls, Einstein referring to it...
  7. carver

    Is Email Fading?

    this was all a very intersting read. I personally don't handwrite much but I'd love to write more. I have a very nice fountain pen I got a while back, it's a Graf von Faber-Castell, cost me an arm, and it's a pity that I don't use it more often. The thing that I noticed is that with the digital...
  8. carver

    A Little Game

    I enjoyed the game for the brain teasing value. I am happy for you to smoke your tobacco, sending it here would be really impractical. Thanks a lot for the offer though, most generous of you :wink:
  9. carver

    Coming up to Retirement

    Enjoy your retirement ... I have several tattoos so I am a little biased but I think it's cool to have a tat that has strong personal meaning.
  10. carver

    A Little Game

    Since the picture can be looked at from different angle, let's assume I am looking at it facing "most" of the troopers, I have 3 battalions showing their backs to me and 12 battalions facing me, the trooper out of place is the blue leader standing on the yellow leader's right side of the first...
  11. carver

    Aromatics vs. Everything Else

    Funny that some mentioned cross overs, I was myself wondering about those and one in particular ... Frogmorton's Cellar... The smoke has definitely sweetness to it, and there is some whiskey scent, would you consider it to be a cross over or am I over-reaching?
  12. carver

    Starting This Hobby in India

    Welcome to the Forum Nick. India, at least, as a traveller, is one of the most amazing place I have been, and I did not necessarily go to the best place, spent 4 months in Calcutta (including an amazing 10 days in Varanasi, drinking tea, watching Pujas, and listening to music concert in...
  13. carver

    I'm Back

    That's a rough patch you been through. But it's good to see that things are looking up. Welcome back
  14. carver

    Sharing My Excitement!

    very interested to see how they turn out, these blocks look very promising. Keep the photos coming :-)
  15. carver


    I do have a small room I can smoke in but then I get yammered at for not "spending time together", not that we're doing anything specific, just that she feels better when we're "doing nothing" in the same room ... pathetic I know
  16. carver

    I Finally Put My Foot Down

    I am lucky enough to have a wife that doesn't care. If it's up she puts it down, if it's down and I need it up, I lift it up. Works well. Or I pee sitting, gives me an opportunity to read stuff on the can ... perfect
  17. carver

    How Do You Deal With Heat Waves?

    Thanks for the answers but the temperature I mentioned is 40C - 40 degrees centigrade ... really hot! Haha I imagine many people thought I was being sarcastic.
  18. carver

    How Do You Deal With Heat Waves?

    I am asking because I have really zero answer to this. It's gone so high that I have smoked more cigarettes in the last month than pipes since the beginning of the year. We've had a month around 40C, staying outside is awful, smoking outside is a nightmare, it doesn't taste nice, the pipe...
  19. carver

    No Other Way To Put It

    I don't want to force the hand of anyone. Chuck has been very patient and James is understandably mainly very mad at me. Chuck said that matters will be dropped if I promised to remove TRC data. The reason of this message here is not "publicly apologise or face consequences". It's just me who...
  20. carver

    Best Flakes

    I like the Solani 660 and PS flakes. I am myself more of a straight virginia though, I love FVF Dunhil Flake and Brigham Klondike Gold.