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  1. martiniman

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  2. martiniman

    How do I fix a hole in the bottom of a bowl?

    I acquired a Peterson shamrock without realizing that there was a hole in the bottom of the bowl. I intend to keep and smoke this once it's repaired. I know that people will use "mud" to make the repair, can someone share details. The hole is perfectly round and looks like it was done with a...
  3. martiniman

    How old is to old to relight the bowl?

    I've had some things come up while smoking that made me set down the pipe and it would naturally go out. I've relight after several hours and even next day to finish the bowl and have had no bad experiences. At what point is it too late to relight the bowl and time to empty and reload the bowl...
  4. martiniman

    How to Reload Butane

    i'm a fairly intellegent guy but cannot load butane into a refillable lighter... WTF :evil: Edited by Kevin for Capitalization in thread title, and commented below for the rest ...
  5. martiniman

    Whats up with horns?

    NooB question here....... I'm looking for the perfect pipe shape for myself and like quite a few but don't seem to get the horn shapes??? They look like i'd be worrying about my tobacco falling out of the pipe yet i see many state that this is one of their favorite shapes. Lets hear from the...
  6. martiniman

    Aging tobacco

    I've seen several thread about aging tobacco and the difference it could make. Are there certain tobaccos the NEED to be aged before enjoying? Still new and am getting out of PAD and into TAD.
  7. martiniman

    Loose meerschaum stem

    I found lots of help for snugging up a loose stem in briar. I've used the heated stem against the countertop. I just picked up a used meerschaum and the is seems the threading inside the pipe has been 90% stripped out, the stem only grabs the last 1 or 2 threads and is very, very loose. The...
  8. martiniman

    Best Way to Sterilize an Intricate Stem

    I just got a Soren from eBay and normally soak the stem in alchohal to clean, then hand buff to bring back the shine, looking at this stem i will never get it back 100%, need advice on getting into crevices for buffing.
  9. martiniman

    Frozen Kirsten

    Just got a Kirsten from eBay and i cannot take it apart short of the bowl. Stem is 1 solid piece. I did the oxi bath, what now? anything available short of vicegrips?
  10. martiniman

    Meerschaum smokers, I need opinions.....

    I see a lot of reviews of Briar but no meerschaum. how big of a difference is there between........... makers? they all say they are block? estate vs. new?
  11. martiniman

    1/2 bowl

    If i want a short smoke would it be better to have a small bowl or only half pack a normal bowl?
  12. martiniman

    Everything Tastes The Same

    Al right, 1:00 a.m. 2 martinis, 2 Shiraz's. 2 bowls. 1-Peterson Sunset breeze out of a Cob and 1 Peterson Sweet killarney out of a Savinelli, Everything taste the same and smoke the same. One reason i got into pipes is the subtle nuances between the different pipes and tobaccos. I can taste...
  13. martiniman

    What Should a Draw Feel Like? Keeping the Pipe Lit.

    First off, thanks for all of the expert advise to date........ I just viewed the many methods of packing a pipe(thanks Bob) and one thing is resounding in my brain. always check the draw???? i find the if i were to pack a pipe to the draw im used with a cigar i'm sure i would be packed too...
  14. martiniman

    Don't want to look stupid...........

    New to Pipe........... If i visit a B&M is is acceptable to put a new pipe in my mouth for a feel? If not, how do i know what i like? Cigars is very clear with ring and length..
  15. martiniman

    It all starts tomorrow....

    My first pipe arrived today. After hours and hours of research (thanks to everyone here) I pulled the trigger on a Savinelli Standing 606 from Why, first off I liked the looks, very classic bent. Price was very reasonable. It's always on the list people recommended for a starter pipe...