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  1. frennchy11

    Spring Break B&M Story (Pics)

    This year over Spring break I decided to take a trip out to Colorado to visit my parents and hang out for a week. I live in Duluth MN so on my way down to the cities I decided to stop into Golden Leaf Tobacco Shop and check it out. This place is a very cool smoking lounge. They had a few tins on...
  2. frennchy11

    Golden Leaf Tobacco Shop Tomorrow

    Hey just thought I would let the folks on here who live in Minneapolis know I'm planning on stopping by the Golden Leaf tobacco shop tomorrow afternoon. I don't know exactly what time yet though but if you want to sit down and share a bowl let me know.
  3. frennchy11

    Thinking about adding a Pete

    Alright I know that Pete's have been debated on this site since the beginning of time, but I have been thinking about selling a couple pipes I don't smoke much to buy a decent Peterson. My question for you all is what should I look for? Was there something you didn't like that I should avoid or...
  4. frennchy11


    I finally made it to preferred! I haven't been around the forums much in the last couple of months. School and life got a bit hectic for a while, but now that I am able to start smoking again I am hoping that I can try to make it back on more often. Glad to see that there are a ton of new...
  5. frennchy11

    Long Break

    I haven't been on here for a while due to school work and spring break and all of that, but hopefully I will be able to join back into the forums more frequently from now on. Not sure what I missed but I haven't had time to get on or even smoke much for that matter! Over break I had the...
  6. frennchy11

    Good Deal On a Meer

    If anyone has been thinking about buying a meer here is one at a great price.Ebay Meer I have a Paykoc meer and it smokes great.
  7. frennchy11

    Whats Your Favorite Finish/ Stain?

    I have been looking at buying another pipe recently and while looking through Ebay, I put a couple on my watch list. When I went back to look at them I realized that they had the same stain. I thought that this could make a cool thread. So what's yours? Flame Grain, Birdseye, or rustic? Also...
  8. frennchy11

    BR Stamp on Pipe?

    Alright here is another episode of "who's the maker." I found a really nice looking free hand that only has the stamp B.R. on it. Any Idea on the maker? I was thinking it looks a bit like a Berrod Regad stamp that I found on pipephil, but what do you guys think?
  9. frennchy11

    What to Buy?

    Alright well I picked up a few extra hours at work recently and I was thinking about buying a new pipe but since I am still on a college budget I don't want to spend much more than 50-60$, which I know isn't much. My question for you guys is what brand do you think I should look at? I was...
  10. frennchy11

    My Pipe Related Christmas

    Alright I have finally found time to get back onto the computer and post some pictures of my Christmas gifts! First my parents got me an awesome 12 pipe rack! I also got a cool looking pipe And now for my secret santa gift thanks to captainsousie Again a big thanks to captainsousie for a...
  11. frennchy11

    TAD this week

    Earlier this week I made my first order from Pipes and Cigars and even though it was small, I think I picked up some good blends. 1 tin of Grousemoor 1 tin of Mississippi Mud (C&D) 1 tin of Opening Night (C&D) So far I have tried out Grousemoor and it might be an instant favorite! Going to...
  12. frennchy11

    Almost Bit (Pic)

    Stopped at an antique shop today and saw a couple of pipes that could be some nice fixer uppers but didn't like the prices they were asking. This one caught my eye though and the price didn't seem too bad either! Plus she said she could take 20% off but unfortunately I have to hold off on the...
  13. frennchy11

    Question About Briarbid

    I was wondering, since we aren't allowed to buy sell or trade pipes on here is there an option to trade pipe for pipe or pipe for tobacco on briar bid?
  14. frennchy11

    Is It Safe to Smoke?

    So a while back I had a tenon break off one of my pipe stems and today I decided to use superglue to put it back together. So is it going to be ok to smoke? Or will the glue be toxic?
  15. frennchy11

    October PAD

    So as some of you may know i was recently looking for a new pipe and after some looking I decided on an Andrea's estate poker. I have been told it's a Charatan Second. I got it earlier this week and when I opened it up I was a bit surprised at how big it was! It's a monster compared to all of my...
  16. frennchy11

    New Person to Smoke With

    Just let my buddy borrow a pipe packed with Prince Albert and he is hooked! Told me as soon as he has enough money saved he is going to buy a pipe. I told him I would help him get a nice one off eBay so he can save some money for baccy. It's going to be nice to have a friend ill be able to share...
  17. frennchy11

    Stanwell Ebay Listing

    Just found this Stanwell on Ebay HERE. thought I would give everyone a heads up since I cant bid on it. Looks like it could be a good pick up for pretty cheap.
  18. frennchy11

    Everything you Need to Know About Dunhill's

    Found this today and thought I would share. I was wondering about the shapes and styles of Dunhills. Dunhill
  19. frennchy11

    Need PAD Suggestions

    Alright I have a little extra cash saved up so I was thinking about getting a new pipe. I want to get a poker to replace the one that broke but im not really sure what makers have a good variety of pokers. Im hoping to spend under 70$ but if I really like the pipe I might spend a bit more. So...
  20. frennchy11

    Fall Fishing

    Pinks are running in Duluth!