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    Trying to Make My First Pipe

    Thanks Jpm...tried all that many times in the past. I guess it's because I'm on my phone. But, my post is not about pictures....I was hoping to get some insight from forum members on making a pipe from a block of wood of which I've never done, or of which I'm not sure on tools. Yes I can go to...
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    Trying to Make My First Pipe

    I've never been able to post pictures here...but here is the link to the set I got. man crate pipe kit
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    Trying to Make My First Pipe

    My wife got me a "man crate" that is a pipe making kit. It has a block of briar and hand tools (saw, files, etc..) pretty cool set. However, I'm not about to try to use their saw to shape a pipe.....I do have a dremel 4000 and think that would be my best tool over the hand tools. My question...
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    You Know You Are a Confirmed Pipe Smoker When...

    When you get those "double take" "your wierd" looks from the person that is next to you at the red light, or on the side walk, or ...,
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    Pipe Holder in Vehicle?

    Forum member Mayfair made a leather strap you can attach that's pretty cool. He sent me one and it works great. Search his post from a couple of months ago.
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    How Old Is Everyone

    38... bought my first pipe 15 years ago. Forum member Georged is currently restoring that pipe for me.
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    21st Annual TAPS Pipe Show - Raleigh, NC - April 7, 2018

    ^ me mine at the Ramada where the reception is held. They still have some rooms left and you can get a balcony to smoke on
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    21st Annual TAPS Pipe Show - Raleigh, NC - April 7, 2018

    I will definitely be there! Is there a chance of a forum meet up? 1st round on me if so....
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    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (January 2018)

    Dunhill 965 In a dunhill Zulu shell briar. Drinking Johnny Walker Green and listening to "lum and Abner: ways to spend the money 04/02/42"
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    Problems With MM/C&D Cob

    I bought the recent c&d Carolina gent. The first thing I noticed when I got it and tried to remove the stem to check it out before I smoked it was, I couldn't remove the stem! I had to take pliars to it to remove the stem. Got it in the freezer to see if I can loosen it.
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    Should I Return My Newly Purchased Peterson Spigot?

    If it bothers you.... return it.
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    How Many Tobaccos Do You Have Open and Smoking at Once?

    Alan: who is the painting of?
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    How Many Tobaccos Do You Have Open and Smoking at Once?

    Wow Alan! Currently I have opened and ready to smoke: Escudo luxury, ps luxury flake, fm on the town, dunhill 965, 1q, old joe krants, lane blackberry, egr, and Mac barren 7 sea gold. Also have pouches of Reddy rub in reach as that is usually my car smoke.
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    Old Absurd Radio programs

    I love lum and Abner...recently listened to one about them wanting to start a nursery. Lum was talking about a greenhouse and Abner thought a daycare... laughed my ass off... simple comedy without trying....great!
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    Tobacco Suggestions for a Beginner

    I echo most of what others say. Out of the group recommended I'd probably start with 1q as opposed to Carter hall. Mac baren 7 seas gold is an excellent starting blend in my opinion and even a lane limited ready rub. Both will have a pleasant aroma as well.
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    Edward G Robinson

    I'll take he gift, hawky.....ha,ha
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    Edward G Robinson

    I haven't smoked this blend in several years, I guess because I've been smoking others and just kinda forgot about it. I also think I have gotten a little stuck up in my tobacco tasting that I have focused on more " superior" or "desirable" blends. With that said, I'm trying to get back to my...
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    New Member 2018

    Welcome! This is a unique group you've joined. Keep an open mind and a thick skin and you will fair well! Cheers! Jake
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    Smoking in Remembrance

    Will definitely smoke in his honor...pulling out my old stock now. Sorry for your lost, but Glad you got to say your goodbye. My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family. Jake
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    Stokkebye Luxury Vs. Escudo Navy De Luxe

    Totally agree with the less sweet. As I'm smoking it (Escudo), I do notice the "pepper" your referring!