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    Do you smoke your pipe when you have a sore throat?

    I inhale all. That is why i smoke
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    Just a little experiment.

    Sounds like fun mate. Keep us posted. Good luck
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    Keeping it Lit !

    Comes with time in mate. 30 yrs now on da pipe. When its slacking off, tap out loose ash and simply relight. enjoy
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    Proper Tin-Opening Technique

    How to open a tin? Seriously! Hand granade, if that don't work, stick of dinomite. Still can't get in there? Let your dog roll it around an chew on it for a day or so
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    Dunhill Pipes... Worth the Money?

    I have over 150 pipes now of which 19 are dunhills. The best dunny i have is a 1952 patent. Smokes awsome, but...... Hands down, mm cobs beat most of em
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    What did Indians smoke

    Peace pipe consisted of a combination of willow bark, wild weed(cannibis) and buffalo dung.
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    Flame coming up from inside the bowl

    You're way to much into it mate. Fill with baccy, light it an enjoy
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    Key to good smoke

    D all of the above
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    Hagley Did Not Quit

    I don't know if i remember starchat mate. and yes, with much sadness we had to put Lucy (parrot) down. She got Fatty Liver Disease. Was quite heart breaking. After a bit, i got wife a small dog that just adores her and got myself a goofy yelloer Lab pup. He is now almost 3yrs old an is starting...
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    A Tearful Goodbye

    I am with ya mate. Been there myself and it does ease up some in time. Take care and remember, memories count for alot.
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    Hagley Did Not Quit

    Thanks mate
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    Hagley Did Not Quit

    Same happened to me mate. Thousands of post gone because of some sort of error. I was NSfisher, with a parrot on my shoulder. Had to start all over again so now i just lurk once in a while. Did i recieve an apology or even an acknowledement? No. It sucks starting on bottom again
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    Found Some Nice Old Smokers

    Ya done good mate
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    Who Buys These Pipes?

    I want the first green one
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    We Used To Sniff Glue And Drink Cough Syrup

    Due to the nature of this thread and some of the comments, which may come too close to home for some ppl, I don't understand why it wasn't shut down long ago.
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    Is This Normal or Not?

    So long as it don;t gurgle, no prob. If it does, just open the draught more
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    About The 200g And Less Rule In Canada

    After I was nailed last Month, I called the Border People direct. Spoke with the man and he told me explictedly, No duty free via the mail!!!!! The taxes are 5 times the value of the package. He was very nice and very patient with me so no complaints here
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    How Many Tobaccos Do You Have Open and Smoking at Once?

    I try to keep it simple. About 17 blends
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    I Have a Reason to Believe, Peterson's Quality Is on the Rise

    Never had much luck with Petersons. But am glad to hear they are improving
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    A New Unsmoked CAO Meerschaum

    You're a lucky Man.