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  1. morbious81

    Small additions

    The two newest additions. Both are small,"take to work" pipes. One was a super generous gift from a member, who I I'll leave unnamed to avoid him being asked for handouts (Thank you, again. Watch the mail ;)). The other is a kaywoodie red root dublin. I have to say, I rather enjoy how the dublin...
  2. morbious81


    So I'm basically looking for a knowledge dump on Morta. I have seem some wonderful looking Morta pipes, but know little of the wood, or the pipes made of it. I think I know it's really old bog wood, hard as a rock, and looks pretty. What are the facts, pros and cons?
  3. morbious81

    Cob Questions.

    So I've had a few MM cobs in rotation for a few weeks and have a few questions for you guys with more time under your belts. 1. I've noticed no matter what tobacco, and packing technique I use the final third has a cooking corn taste to it. Is this to be expected, and will it fade in time? 2...
  4. morbious81

    My Birthday Self Gift

    Though my birthday is not until Friday, my self-gift came today. My first pipe with a fancy little N on it, pouch, and a big ol can of Sunzabitches.
  5. morbious81


    Hopefully one of you guys that have been at this for a while can help me out. I'm looking for a good looking mini pipe. the idea is short smoke at work in a pipe that is a little fancier than the MM mini's. I work in a "up scale" setting and want to be able to enjoy a short sip in style. As...
  6. morbious81

    Isn't is cute?

    I ordered up the MM grab bag. 10 pipes for $33.99. Yes they fave flaws. Yes they smoke just fine so far. I can give a list of what I got if you really want, I know there is a thread for that. This post is to address the 11th pipe that came along, The mini... at first I thought it was a novelty...
  7. morbious81

    New zmr Brog #48 "Chochla"

    I just recieved my new Mr Brog (waited 3 weeks to arrive from Poland) . It smokes perfectly cool and fits the hand well. Here's a few pictures with quarter for size reference.