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  1. mississippitexan

    First Order from Country Squire

    one of these days I need to make the day trip down to the store front. i get a lot of my tobacco from them, my favorite blends are mixed by them, and yet i have never actually been to the sore....
  2. mississippitexan

    What Are You Listening To ~ Nov. 2019

    Five Finger Death Punch - Jekyll and Hyde
  3. mississippitexan

    If You Were Stranded On a Deserted Island With Only One Tobacco...

    i could live on Green Dragon from The Country Squire. 😅 i will probably cry if they ever stop blending it.
  4. mississippitexan

    Estate Pipes

    I'd say an easy 90% of my purchased pipes are estate pipes. Part of the enjoyment, for me at least, is bringing them back to life and using them.
  5. mississippitexan

    What Does Your Scene Look Like?

    That one is a 30-30, have some spent Turkish 8mm cases I'm thinking of making pipe tools out of though. 😅 don't think that's what my teachers were thinking when shoving reduce reuse recycle down my throat as a kid...
  6. mississippitexan

    Is It Just Me????

    last package i ordered went from Memphis to Washington state before making its way down to me in north Mississippi thankfully it was nothing i was in a rush for. far more often i will have packages hit the Memphis hub and just sit at the hub for 3 days, don't know why but its a fairly common...
  7. mississippitexan

    How Many Bowls a Day Do You Smoke?

    at work 2-3 depending on how work is and what pipes i bring. weekends 1-2 but i use my big pipes at home
  8. mississippitexan

    Best Estate Pipe Find

    As promised.
  9. mississippitexan

    Best Estate Pipe Find

    i snagged a silver banded Sasieni 8 dot from1940 at the local "antique" shop about a week ago for $12. ill take a picture of it when i get home. should be a nice little pipe once i get done cleaning it up.
  10. mississippitexan

    Recommended American Artisans For a Commission

    b.daniel_pipecraft on instagram. have a few of his pipes and plan on getting more. they all smoke really well and the maker is an over all awesome guy.