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  1. papabear

    What are You Smoking? January 1, 2014

    4Noggins Lord Methley's on a no name Briar
  2. papabear

    Tobacco Shipped to Canada?

    Just got about 10 Onz of products from 4noggins without any issues. Took 3 days.
  3. papabear

    Hello From Ontario, Canada

    I'm from Ottawa Eh ;)
  4. papabear

    Which Online Retailers Deliver to Canada?

    Just ordered me some tobacco from 4noggins Dunhill: NIGHTCAP 50g Cornell & Diehl: EPIPHANY 2oz 4noggins: SAMPLER - AROMATIC Capstan: READY RUBBED GOLD 50g
  5. papabear

    What's Going To Be Your First Bowl Of 2014?

    SMoking a bowl of Mr B's The Mixture as I type 8)
  6. papabear

    What Are You Smoking? December 2013

    Mix of Mr B`s The Mixture and Peterson Sweet Killarney in a new Unnamed Briar pipe I got for Christmas 8)
  7. papabear

    |Finally got my Pipe cabinet in the new apartment..

    Wow love it. I have an old Maple desk that it`s use ... I might try to do something with it. Thanks for the inspiration :)
  8. papabear

    New Members, Introduce Yourself!

    Hi, I'm new here and fairly new to pipe smoking. I've been smoking cigars for nearly 20 years and thought or exploring new ground. So far I've been addicted :) I got on two pipes and a few blend of tobacco ... so I'm still learning. Looking forward to meet you guys and interact on my new found...