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  1. thuber88

    Pipe Smoking in Middle-Earth Ridiculousness.

    As would I be if I could find it,lol
  2. thuber88

    Pioneer Meerschaums

    Its been a long time, is there a update to that dead link or the Pioneer Catalog? I added 2 of them to my assortment of pipes, great smokers, one it still unsmoked, for now
  3. thuber88

    Esoterica Stonehaven

    Its a tobacco, it should not be sold based upon the have vs the have not's, a realistic price is fair and the only way to maintain longevity in business, not the get rich today, screw them all and retire rich tomorrow kind of thinking that has ruined so much of this country over the decades...
  4. thuber88

    What Are You Smoking? July 2013

    Davidoff Flake Medallions in a SMS Pirate Meer
  5. thuber88

    I think I Just Got Lucky

    Congrats on the new pipe fine, I'm sure it will be a great smoker. And welcome from Michigan
  6. thuber88

    Crackling Sound

    I've had a few Black Cav aro's do that, Brigadier Black Gettysburg was most noticable
  7. thuber88

    What Are You Smoking? July 2013

    Kansas City Blend in a Kaywoodie rusticated billiard
  8. thuber88

    What Is Meerschaum ?? And Do You Have One?

    I have a 30+ year old SMS Meer, it smokes nicely, but I dont use it very often due to a very very small bowl. But I have a much larger one on the way, as soon as I can pay for it
  9. thuber88

    A Pic of All 3 of my Comoy's Rhodesians

    Those are all beauties, love the bent ones!
  10. thuber88

    What Are You Smoking? June 2013

    Strang in a Kaywoodie, rusticated Billiard, first bowl in a new pipe
  11. thuber88

    Nasty Ticks

    I don't get them directly, but the cats can bring them in, I get them off the cats and the dead bunnys they bring home,had one stuck between my toes, that was a pita to get off. I use the spin and remove method sofar, works well, and the cats dont mind as much as other methods Seems to be less...
  12. thuber88

    A Gift From Foggymountain

    Wish you 100 more years of good health Sir Mountain :D
  13. thuber88

    How Old Are You?

    53 here
  14. thuber88

    I Do Not Feel the Nicotine

    +1 for 1792, but while its is nice and strong, its not going to hit you like a really strong cigar smoked down to a stub
  15. thuber88

    Tobacco Won't Dry

    CB is made to never dry due to the PG coating on it
  16. thuber88

    What Are You Smoking? June 2013

    PS LTF in a 2006-9 Peterson Racing Green Banded B-10
  17. thuber88

    Churchwarden Fixation

    Good luck! I keep eyeballing a CW, will probably grab a nice Mr Brog one of these days :)
  18. thuber88

    A Gift From Foggymountain

    A truly kind, heartfelt,and generous gesture, my hat is off to you sir :-)