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  1. bouwser

    Odd Ball Pipes

    Well the Ropp might not be odd but kind of looks odd. The other is quite odd. Says "JEEP Deposee" Picked these up today our of pure curiosity.
  2. bouwser

    Some New Finds: Saseini, Edward's and Viking

    Picked up a couple of pipes today while "picking" at the local Antique store. I don't think I did too badly. The Saseini is a one dot. It says Specially Selected with fish logo followed by the patent no. 150221/20. The shape number is 5LG From my research I think it's from the 1919-24 era...
  3. bouwser

    Briar Cigar in a Cigar Lounge

    So in my city, there are a few cigar lounges that don't allow pipe smoking for various reasons. Has anyone tried to smoke a briar cigar in one of the establishments with success?
  4. bouwser

    Winslow Celebrates Fall

    Happy Fall everyone! It was a beautiful day here in Michigan for a nice smoke in the Winslow Bent Apple. Black Frigate set sail today folks. It was stellar!
  5. bouwser

    New Devil's Anse

    Just smoked my new Devil's Anse today! Mr. Paulson did a fine job with this. I think I'm going to enjoy this one!
  6. bouwser

    Castello Find

    As I was vacationing this last week, I ran into this Castello. I am wondering if anyone can give me some info on it? I don't see a grading for (k?). Do these things usually cost a bit of money? I think I may have gotten a pretty good deal on it. It is really clean, almost looks unsmoked.
  7. bouwser

    Dark Spot Question

    Yesterday I purchased this estate pipe, a Kaywoodie 50B. I am wondering if anyone can tell me if this dark spot is a problem or not? I didn't pay much for the pipe so I'm ok if it is there but I am curious. I can see grain through the dark spot so I am not sure it is a fill. It may just be...
  8. bouwser

    Interesting Hemingway Article

    I’ve read most of what Hemingway has written but didn’t know why he ended his life. Here is interesting new info as to why:
  9. bouwser

    Some Recent Acquisitions: I have the PAD bad

    I picked up six pipes this week. I think I did ok. Three of them need some clean up. Please feel free to give advice on the the new or estates. First is a Nording: I have no clue as to the age but it looks cool, it is pretty clean, and I can't wait to smoke out of it. Next is a Mont-Blanc...
  10. bouwser

    Question about B&M tobacco

    As I'm getting more into pipe smoking, it is easiest to try different blends by the once from the large glass containers at my local b&m's. My questions are: Are these blends looked down upon as subpar? Are these blends as flavorful as if I had picked them up in a tin? One place had Stokkebye...
  11. bouwser

    Much Obliged

    As a beginner to pipe smoking, I have been scouring the forum for any help that will make this enjoyable. Thank you to all of you the sound advice either direct or in the threads. Some of the best advice being to make sure the tobacco is completely dried out. This made for very successful smoke...
  12. bouwser

    Hey Now

    I'm a new pipe smoker trying to find my way. I've been lurking for a month or so picking up some advice here and there. I've tried 3 different tobaccos so far: Grandpa's Blend, Golden Dansk, and an OTC aro. While I enjoy them, I am looking for a tobacco to really grab me. Thank you to all of...