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    Mixing two tobaccos in the same jar

    I got an open tin of Meridian and an open tin of Abingdon. Two amazing Balkans and one 6 oz jar. So to save space dump them together. Who else does that? I do not see any reason why you wouldn't if they taste basically the same.
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    Esoterica people

    Maybe there is a chance someone from that company is reading this. You could consider an increase of your prices to $30 for 2oz and $80 for 8oz. It would accomplish two things, gives us mere mortals a chance to try your blends and secondly reduce the incentive (profit) from reselling your...
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    Frog Morton Cellar Match

    FMC was a best seller in 2017 according to SP website and topped many a best of lists. It happens to be also a favourite of mine, and I quit pipe smoking just at the wrong time - didnt save any for later. Are any blenders working on a FMC match?
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    Comparing Bulk Englishes

    I was looking for the perfect bulk english to cellar. So far my thoughts, and what are yours? They are listed in order of my preference, best to worst. Star of the East - the ideal bulk English just overflowing with flavour Father Dempsey - very close to MM965 with a smoother taste Engine 99...
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    Best Coffee Flavoured aromatic

    I am not too big on aromatics, but if there is one flavour I wish to try is a high quality coffee-flavoured blend. Have you tried one that you could recommend?
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    Your thoughts on Boswell Northwoods

    About Northwoods, maybe I am missing something or it may be too wet. It has all the ingredients I love, but it somehow feels too one-dimensional if that is a good word to use. It does smell delightful and I feel like I am missing something because the taste is a little dull to me. Your thoughts?
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    Difference Between Westminster and Quiet Nights

    I am going to try out my first GL Pease blend, and by the sounds of it Westminster and Quiet Nights are both something i would enjoy. What is the difference between the two, and which one would you recommend I try first?