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  1. iowamike

    The Hobbit Movie Trailer

    Just watched the trailer for the Hobbit, it won't be released until next december.Grrrr The pipes were blazin' at Bilbos house. hehe
  2. iowamike

    Bulk McClellands matches

    Does McClelland offer a bulk blend that is similar to Frog Morton? And if there is, how close of a match is it? Oh yeah, What number blend? Thanks
  3. iowamike

    Perique Strength

    I just had my first bowl of Frog Morton on the Bayou, a very nice unique smoke. My question is how much perique is in this blend? Light, medium, or strong. Any other suggestions for perique blends this same strength or maybe a bit more.
  4. iowamike

    Taste change

    Early last spring I had a wicked cold ( broncitis-sinusitius), after it went away 1Q has not tasted the same to me. The flavors of the rest of my tobaccos tastes the same. I even broke into my cellard pound just to see if it was the tobacco. I still smoke it out of spite but to no avail it's...
  5. iowamike

    Relights Revisited

    About 2 months ago I had questions on relights. I would like to thank everyone that gave their input. It seems it was all in my packing and rushing the smoke. Since then I seem to only relight a couple times a bowl. I am in heaven when I get to smoke in the evening after a hectic day. Thanks to...
  6. iowamike

    Just for Him 1Q

    Is Just for Him 1Q actually lane's 1Q or just there similar house blend?
  7. iowamike

    Replacement Stems

    Does anyone out there know of a good place to buy replacement stems for a couple pipes I am restoring? I bought a couple from PIMCO pipes and they are not finished just really rough molded stems. They were cheap and I got what I paid for. Any suggestions would be great.
  8. iowamike


    Obviously i'm new to pipes and tobacco. I seem to get what i consider a good smoke, however I seem to be relighting about every 5 to 10 minutes. I am mostly smoking 1Q and have an oily bowl at the bottom when finished. If I don't chug and take my time I get no gurgle or bite and the flavor is...
  9. iowamike

    kriswell pipes

    Does anyone own a Kriswell pipe? and if you do how do they smoke? I know they are owned by Erik Nording.
  10. iowamike

    McCleland Bulk Tobacco

    Does any of the McCleland bulk taste like Frog Morton?
  11. iowamike

    Loose stem Stanwell

    I just bought a new stanwell Speeding dublin 1960 and the stem seems looser than my other pipes. Should I send it back or is that how Stanwells are made. Remember I am only comparing it to a new Peterson and 2 basket pipes, all about the same in tightness. By the way one basket pipe smokes...
  12. iowamike

    does anyone use pipe screens (pro/con)

    Does anyone use pipe screens? I see them offered but never heard of anyone using them.
  13. iowamike

    Bowl diameters

    Which bowl diameter is better for a beginner? large and shallow or smaller and deeper?