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  1. marconi

    Independence Day or Fourth of July?

    4th July has a new significance for us Brits,it will be remembered as the day the pubs reopened after being shut for over three months.
  2. marconi

    What are You Watching?

    Kembleford is a very dangerous place,its nearly as bad as Causton where there is a murder every week! series nine has been confirmed.
  3. marconi

    What are You Watching?

    The Flying Greek-Double WW2 Ace Steve Pisanos talking about his life as a fighter pilot its on Youtube. The real story is about how a young Greek boy from Athens ran away to sea to fulfill his dream of learning to fly by emigrating to America in 1938. Its very funny 5/5
  4. marconi

    Union Square, Newminster Superior Navy Flake, and St. Bruno

    I have four tins of Union square ageing and one open.I love creamy red virginia.
  5. marconi

    What Are You Listening To? (June 2020)

    Iam listening to 'The local Honeys' a wonderful Kentucky Bluegrass band and remembering that a year ago on a hot English summers day I saw them live at a beer and bluegrass weekend.No music festivals this summer and no Real Ale for three months.:cry::cry:
  6. marconi

    Hello from Germany

    Welcome from England!
  7. marconi

    ***What Are You Smoking, June 2020?***

    Smoking a rusticated Qandale 315 Ks, and in it I have G&H US Dark Flake mixed with a sufficient quantity of Bjarne flake de luxe to keep me in a vertical position.
  8. marconi

    FVF Not Working For Me

    It’s great that we are all different.I have no love for Escudo or Elizabethan mixture both seem cigarette/ashy,I know that’s not the generally held opinion.As to FVF it’s hard work getting the drying right but worth it when you get that perfect bowl.
  9. marconi

    Vauen Video on Pipe Making

    I think it was the final salary indexed linked pension that drew her back to the factory.
  10. marconi

    ***What Are You Smoking, June 2020?***

    Smoking a bowl of C&D Oriental silk in a beat up cob.
  11. marconi

    Opinel Folding Knives - Best Size

    Opinel nos 7 with a carbon steel blade made in France, sharp or what! Simplicity itself. Rodgers smokers knife made in Sheffield England in the original factory. A classic but it can wander,but usually turns up later.
  12. marconi

    Esterval's Order Near Miss!

    I made a tobacco order a few weeks ago with HACIO in Germany to deliver to the Uk.It had DHL tracking after two weeks it was still sitting in a Warehouse in Germany.I contacted HACIO to investigate they came back and said the parcel was lost (stolen) and they offered me a refund.Just shows that...
  13. marconi

    Hello from the English Channel...

    You might be interested in 'Crossrail' a 26mile tunnel being dug under London for a new rail line, using the same machines.There is a really good documentary series on BBC Iplayer and You Tube.The chief civil engineer on the project is an American women Linda Miller she is also doing the Sydney...
  14. marconi

    ***What Are You Smoking, May 2020?***

    Smoking a small bowl of HU Dockworker in a small Vaun New York series NY 567 N
  15. marconi

    Alternative Choice to 1792 Flake

    Mc Connell Scottish Flake.
  16. marconi

    Hello from the English Channel...

    Welcome from England! I would suggest buying some 10g samples of other Hoggarth blends from UK online stores.Then there is Smoking Pipes where you can buy 1oz sample blends.All of which you could review before buying on
  17. marconi

    Peterson Dark Flake

    In the past I have been hit hard as well:cry::cry:,so I went over to cup of joes but their postage rates have gone up quite a lot.Recently i went back to SP new strategy make small orders under $25 using supersaver.I have had about 80% success rate.On the other 20% I will pay the charge if it is...
  18. marconi

    Peterson Dark Flake

    I agree Smudger the US wins hands down on price,and selection all the PS.Comoy,Macbaren bulk blends made in Denmark are not available in Europe.Same with Balkan Sasieni.The good thing at the moment though is that you can order 6oz of tobacco from SP with a supersaver postage rate of $4
  19. marconi

    How Long Are Your Orders Taking To Process And Ship ?

    I have made seven orders with SP in the last two months.I have been taking advantage of the supersaver deal using UPS to EU countries.I get parcels sent via Swiss post they take about two to three weeks as long as I receive them and they are not stopped by customs Iam happy.I have an outstanding...
  20. marconi

    My First Really Enjoyable Bowl

    When I first started smoking a pipe I had the same reaction when I had my first bowl of Balkan Sasieni there is something special about that blend, it remains a firm favourite of mine.