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  1. seanz

    Want some more of this perique virginia stuff!

    I recently got some irish oak and am keen on trying more blends with perique in them. So whats some good blend to have a look at? p.s sorry its in the wrong section :roll: I just woke up, still getting used to the night shift!
  2. seanz

    Wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday!

    I wanted to wish you all a very merry Xmas and safe new year. I have really enjoyed the forum and am once again amazed at the depth of kindness one finds on here. I haven't been posting much lately but still come on to see what you are all up to in the wonderful world of pipes and tobacco. I...
  3. seanz

    R.I.P dougal (dog) 14/11/2011

    Its a sad evening at my place. Our little bichon poodle has gone to chase the cats in the sky.he got hit by a car as crossing the road. My flatemates kids are gutted and i am going to miss my little mate :crying: p.S sory guys i put it in the wrong section Edit: Moved to general discussion. M
  4. seanz

    Finally, the works gods have smiled.

    At last I finally got a job. I am starting work on the chain at the local "meat processing plant". Man i was starting to get very despondent about it all, was sick of the rejection emails. I start in december and it goes through to june so it puts the money worries away for awhile. So stoked...
  5. seanz

    winning the world cup is good for the soul

    Its funny but woke up this morning feeling really good. the last few days its been a struggle to get out of bed, stress over work money life etc. but this morning is great! the only thing ic an put it down to is the all blacks winning the rugby world cup last night against france.i think New...
  6. seanz

    bruyere garantie

    I just got this in the mail (only need the toby to show up and happy i will be). but anyway its stem just doesnt want to come off. any ideas anyone??
  7. seanz

    Pink Floyd Songs
  8. seanz

    Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun

    i am fnally getting my floyd collection back up an running. gone are all lp's , every single one was in my trippy little hands. but druggees being what they are.............. any hoo i am off into interstellaroverdrive its all mp3 at the mo but i will find it oh. yes. i will
  9. seanz

    The Time It Takes You to Get Your Tobacco

    Seeing as I am at the botom of the world, I was just wondering how long it takes people to get their baccy. For me anywhere from 12 to 36 days.
  10. seanz

    For the hirsute amongst us
  11. seanz

    my little darlings

    virginia , and rustica , and some lettuce for a friendaztec rustica. the middle is havanna still too cold for them. and virginia on the left, burley on the right.
  12. seanz

    2012 grow season on the way!!!

    i am just spreading my little bit of happyness that all my new seedlings are doing fine and looking forward to the day they become some dam fine homegrown pipe toby!!!
  13. seanz

    My new want for this week.

    just seen this on the local trading site, hopefully it doesnt go to high in the bidding.
  14. seanz

    Looking for work

    At the moment i am employed in getting employment. And its getting me down. So sick and tired of not getting a job! i swear i must have applied for at least ten jobs over the last week. and only two have responded in the negative the other lot i had to ring and get the bad news. Oh well poor...
  15. seanz

    awesome service

    A few months ago i had a shipment stopped by customs from pipesandcigars. As i couldnt afford to pay the duty i told them to send it back, and then informed beau of it happening. i was ok with the fact that on thier website i got the idea they dont refund , but
  16. seanz

    God, I love punk!!

    Yes i am on the turps :twisted:
  17. seanz

    Petersons Sherlock Holmes

    At NZ$60a 50g tin i was honestly expecting more from this. Its light. From the char i picked up a sweet fruity note. There was something missing though it was like there was no tobacco in it. but once into the bowl i got more tobacco coming through but in all honestly not my cup of tea. i am...
  18. seanz

    do these stingers create moisture.

    as above. I just got this And i have noticed a lot of gurgling and sh!t. so do these things create moisture or have i not Got this pipe yet.
  19. seanz

    aged flake

    I just got some old as flake and navy cut tobacco. the navy cut as mold through it :( But the flake is in good nick. just gave it a moisten with distilled water and letting it come back into case. had to try it though and it was....smokeable bit bummed about the navy cut but its all good got...
  20. seanz

    one more for the mix

    Just won this on our local trademe site ..