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  1. Sonorisis

    Latakia Paradox?

    Smoking tobacco with Latakia is like smoking tobacco that has already been smoked. Why would I do that? Seems to defeat all the work in growing, drying, and blending tobacco. I'd rather appreciate all that work. Smoking smoke that's already been smoked is a needless redundancy.
  2. Sonorisis

    Scottie Piersel on the Way

    Sandollars -- don't miss this thread about Scottie's pipes: Scottie Piersel Owners' Club :: Pipe Talk -
  3. Sonorisis

    Kentucky Bourbons

    Yup, Evan Williams. Independent distillery. Don't let the very reasonable price of this whisky chase you away. Hits WAY above its weight. Smooth. Only the very most expensive, top-shelf labels are better and, then, not by much.
  4. Sonorisis

    ***What Are You Smoking, June 2020?***

    Just finished some Samuel Gawith 1792 Flake in a Radice Rind T/B O/C AM Apple.
  5. Sonorisis

    Post-Modern Pipe on Ebay

    1. The fact that pipe exists is a warning of the end of all things. 2. The fact that someone listed it on eBay means the end is near. 3. If it sells, it signals the time to permanently move into the safe room.
  6. Sonorisis

    ***What Are You Smoking, June 2020?***

    Just finished some Dan Salty Dogs in a Castello Army Mount Billiard, model 16.
  7. Sonorisis

    ***What Are You Smoking, June 2020?***

    Just finished some KBV Live Wire in a Sea Rock Dublin.
  8. Sonorisis

    How Deep is Your Cellar?

    Well, there are a couple of complications that attend this type of discussion. One, as I've learned about various tobaccos of different types, my tastes have definitely changed. Two, some tobaccos improve dramatically as they age, making them more desirable in the end than could be known in...
  9. Sonorisis

    Desert Island Thread

    I *think* Squadron Leader, Marlin Flake, & Pegasus.
  10. Sonorisis

    ***What Are You Smoking, June 2020?***

    Just finished some Solani 660 Silver Flake in a Radice blasted Billiard.
  11. Sonorisis

    Anyone Use Steel Wool As A Filter?

    Steel wool is preserved with petroleum oil. Therefore, it would not be suitable for placing in a pipe.
  12. Sonorisis

    ***What Are You Smoking, June 2020?***

    Smoked some KBV Verge Engine Retrodrive in an Eltang Cutty.
  13. Sonorisis

    Do You Really Ever Mention Your Favorites?

    KBV darkened the inside of my pipe. Stay away from it. Everyone know that everyone's favorite tobacco is Carter Hall.
  14. Sonorisis

    What Causes a Cigar to Burn Up the Center/Core?

    Definitely humidity. Specifically, the cigar was recently put into a humidifier and the outer layers were wetter than the center, which had not yet stabilized. But, one suspects too much humidity where they were placed.
  15. Sonorisis

    ***What Are You Smoking, June 2020?***

    Just had some Squadron Leader with Perique in an MM natural Twain.
  16. Sonorisis

    Stripped the Finish Off This Tsuge

    No way that's the same pipe. No way. Amazing transformation!
  17. Sonorisis

    Best $25 Smokingpipes Order?

    A brick of Tabac Manil La Petite Robin.
  18. Sonorisis

    HH Rustica, A Real Head Swimmer

    You, too, should sit down.
  19. Sonorisis

    How To Repair Scorched Briar Bowl

    Keeping the tobacco tamped down so that doesn't happen is almost impossible to do 100%. Loading less tobacco seems to help more than anything. Also, putting 'chapstick' on the rim before lighting up helps. But, if burning leaf springs up to that height, charring will happen. The good news...