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  1. seanz

    Ropp Pipes--French web site shows the history of manufacture

    Nice site my translator isnt working at the moment so have to go back and have a nose> I am looking for a new ropp stem at the moment So are interested in what they have to say
  2. seanz

    Fishing Pipe - Bait a concern?

    I surfcast a lot and have not worried about it too much. I just smoke what ever pipe I pack, that being said I dont take my babies fishing as I have lost a nice clay from the rocks. One thing I have found is fish dont like tobacco smells on the bait. seems to turn them off for some reason. So...
  3. seanz

    What Are You Smoking - September 2012

    10yr old macbaren latakia spun cut in a Plain block meer
  4. seanz

    The Pipes Magazine Radio Show is On!

    My worked first time, I enjoy it so far
  5. seanz

    The Best place to order tobacco online

    I tend to go with P&C and 4 noggins Pretty much though I am thinking of having a look at some of the european shops to see if they ship to me. As long as it gets here with out the customs getting their paws on it I am happy
  6. seanz

    Paying it Foward

    Well played sir :clap:
  7. seanz

    Ropp Pipe

    IN regards to how they smoke I like em! Mine needed a bit of touching up here and there But after a bit of TLC Its an awesome smoker. Its well worth getting the stem, An idea would be to keep your eye out for any old ones online and see if you sdnag a stem that way
  8. seanz

    Nasal snuff...opinions?

    I am partial to the Wilsons and sharrow myself Use it at work when i need a little nic boost. does the job well I usually but a small, tiny pinch between my thumb and forefinger and then gently inhale it in to the front of my nose. I learnt the hard way about too much too far. 8O
  9. seanz

    What Are You Smoking - September 2012

    A touch of Aztec rustica, Virginia and havanna all grown by yours truly. Smoking in my no name rusticated billiard. Its on par with black Xx for flavour and strength.
  10. seanz

    The After Midnight Club

    Okaaay That 8O was slightly disturbing
  11. seanz

    My New Frederick G pipe

    A nice pipe, love the stem on it too!
  12. seanz

    The After Midnight Club

    Hey guys! things are good in my neck of the world Thanks for asking Lawrence :D My favourite method is a book I have read a thousand times already; LOTR I read a couple of pages and then the eyes give up a ghost and then off to sleepy land I go.
  13. seanz

    The After Midnight Club

    Thanks Phillip, good to see some people still here and contributing to the genial atmosphere.
  14. seanz

    The After Midnight Club

    Evening all Been Absent for awhile. Popped back in to catch up on what I have been missing. Good to see the place still rocking and rolling.
  15. seanz

    What Are You Smoking - September 2012

    Evening all just popping up to my smoking room for a bowl of B&P ( bits and pieces) Waiting on a shipment and for my homemade cavandish rope to go through its time under pressure
  16. seanz

    What Are You Smoking? May 2012

    W O Larsen Classic in a Stanwell N3
  17. seanz

    Samuel Gawith "Factory"

    cool 1st time back here in ages and find this, awesome thanks!
  18. seanz

    Define the term "Real Man"

  19. seanz

    Define the term "Real Man"