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  1. Epip Oc'Cabot

    Desert Island Thread

    Yes.... alone on a desert island there may be no need, perhaps..... but, truth-be-told..... at least for me..... it would sure as hell be more FUN to still have nicotine! For me, for general all around consistency, I would take either Prince Albert or Sir Walter Raleigh..... either, in...
  2. Epip Oc'Cabot

    Deep Bowl Pipe Screen?

    In my opinion, drawing strongly enough on the stem while lighting would be able pull the flame successfully to the tobacco for even the deepest bowled pipe. It may simply be a need for additional practice. For an old timer, like me (40+ years of pipe smoking) it is just second nature in terms...
  3. Epip Oc'Cabot

    Is Pipe Smoking Something That Grows on You?

    “Used to be” is the sad, harsh truth..... at least in my neck of the woods. It seems about four years ago.... the all suddenly vanished, and I had to order them online too. 😕
  4. Epip Oc'Cabot

    Any Photographers On The Site?

    Pentax for me too. Seems sadly to be a dying breed though. Everything seems to be Cannon and Nikon now.
  5. Epip Oc'Cabot

    Needed A New Pipe Stand, So.......

    Very nice!!!! Are you going to leave it natural or stain it? Where will you keep it?
  6. Epip Oc'Cabot

    Done With Aro's

    I tend to agree most days... PA... easy, reliable, predictable. What I do that might work for you is to “stack” (I think folks call it that) where I put in 2/3 to 4/5 of the bowl with good, reliable PA or the OTC of your choice, then top off with a bit of the ARO. Wife likes the initial room...
  7. Epip Oc'Cabot

    Question from a Winemaker

    My opinion is that pipe smoking ( or, hell, for that matter, anything that you ingest orally or nasally) will affect you sensory perception of wine. Yet, I do not think it is a hindrance as long as you do not view flavor/olfaction as absolutes. The mind has the ability to adjust to...
  8. Epip Oc'Cabot

    Why Smoke A Pipe?

    For me, I asked myself that very same question of “Why?” rhetorically to myself when I was just a young kid, but I asked it about all three forms of tobacco my father indulged in (pipe, cigars, cigarettes). At my young age, I didn’t think it was particularly wise to ASK my Dad “Why?”. But, I...
  9. Epip Oc'Cabot

    Pipe-Smoking in Occupied France

    This was a very interesting read. It felt appropriate for this weekend to give it another run at the top of the list for a bit, too.
  10. Epip Oc'Cabot

    History of Pipe Care in the Past

    Ha! In the time B.P.C. (Before Pipe Cleaners)? Hell, half the time I cannot find a pipe cleaner handy and have used a feather or a twig the long stem on a leaf of a tree, or even a strand of soft electrical wire myself in the current time too!!! 🙂 But, more seriously... I had read about the...
  11. Epip Oc'Cabot

    Cellaring with Cotton

    To me the cotton would be problematic.... tobacco would stick to it.... and you would likely have cotton fibers in your tobacco as well.... not pleasant.
  12. Epip Oc'Cabot

    Happy Birthday to Me! (PIC Heavy)

    So.... what year is the Dunhill? 🙂 Very nice birthday gifts! The meerschaum is really quite striking!
  13. Epip Oc'Cabot

    Awesome Birthday Present From My Wife

    Sounds nice, even in spite of the loss. How is it smoking-wise? Mild/robust? Flavorful/plain? High or nicotine?
  14. Epip Oc'Cabot

    Awesome Birthday Present From My Wife

    So.... how did your leaf turn out? It would be interesting to hear how you liked what you grew. 24 plants sounds like you may have gotten a huge amount for your efforts!
  15. Epip Oc'Cabot

    Awesome Birthday Present From My Wife

    I have read often here of Cosmic’s efforts to grow his own pipe tobacco. He seems to have had excellent success in that regard. You may want to keep him in mind if you wish to seek any advice.
  16. Epip Oc'Cabot

    How Important is Nicotine to You (After Quitting Cigs)

    For me, I have always found nicotine highly enjoyable and pleasant and something I would look forward to. So, from that perspective, I would say it is quite a valuable part of pipe smoking for me. If there was no nicotine, would I still want to smoke a pipe? I would think “YES” I would want...
  17. Epip Oc'Cabot

    Flossing, Is It Real?

    Brush... 5x /day Floss... 3x / day Dentist compliments me on my very healthy teeth and gums, especially for an old codger. 🙂
  18. Epip Oc'Cabot

    Anyone Else Not A Fan Of The P-Lip

    Yes, exactly. I can never find a comfortable spot to rest the stem against my teeth.
  19. Epip Oc'Cabot

    Anyone Else Not A Fan Of The P-Lip

    I have two P-lip pipes. For me, the different style of the mouth end does not fit comfortably against my anchoring teeth and just feels cumbersome and clumsy. I find I have to hold them differently and in a rather very conscious fashion which for me is distracting. Neither is used often...
  20. Epip Oc'Cabot


    There is really no right or wrong way to enjoy your pipe tobacco. It depends upon what you derive the most pleasure from. In regards to the whole population of pipe smokers, it has been estimated that a relatively small percentage inhale the pipe smoke (I had read about ~20%). It really...