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  1. alexander87

    The Production And Consumption Of Tobacco In Ireland, 1800–1914

    Very interesting article. You will need a JSTOR account but some of you may have it. I don't think they actually check your credentials either FWIW. ... b_contents
  2. alexander87

    Gallaher's Condor Plug

    Here is my review from ★★★★ Strength Flavoring Taste Room Note 0 minute ago Very Strong Very Strong Very Full Pleasant Condor Plug is my first experience with this style of tobacco. It is a singular experience that some love and some hate. I love it! The taste is a very...
  3. alexander87

    Cellar a blend you haven’t tried?

    Here’s my dilemma: I am afraid of the tobacco nuclear winter that seems imminent. I’m saving for a massive purchase in February to buy as much tobacco as I can. I want basic blends I can smoke for many years but I’ve only tried maybe 15 blends and none of them are bulk. Have you ever stocked...
  4. alexander87

    "The Great Danes" Movie

    This may have been answered but, does anyone know where I can find a copy of this? I'm dying to see it. I'm not sure if anything like it exists anywhere else.
  5. alexander87

    Southern MN Smokers?

    Are there any smokers in southern MN? Near the Farbibault area? Anyone know of a good place to smoke down here?
  6. alexander87

    Newly restored Kaywoodie Supergrain 14

    Hi all, I just purchased this Kaywoodie Supergrain 14 from an antique store for $9.50. The stem was terrible oxidized and the bowl was full of thick cake and dottle from what smelled like sort of aromatic. It was pretty gross. I cleaned it up as best as good (first ever restoration) and I'm...
  7. alexander87

    Frog Morton Won't stay lit

    OK so I have read many threads on pipes not staying lit and many thanks to all who have gone before and have contributed so much this terrible affliction! For the most part I am able to keep a pipe lit with maybe 2-3 re-lights but I can't keep FM On the Town lit. Is this normal for a...