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  1. greatdane

    Pipe Nozzle Adapter for S.T. Dupont Ligne 1?

    EDIT: Fixed Capitalization in Title (See Rule 9) - Bob I have been looking for a pipe nozzle adapter for my ST Dupont Ligne 1 lighter. The few listed on eBay are for Ligne 2/Gatsby models only, and I was told by seller it would not fit the Ligne 1. Anyone knows where I can find one? Or maybe...
  2. greatdane

    Loewe pipe dating

    I came across a Loewe pipe which only had the nomenclature "L&Co". No other wording, and no silver band. For any Loewe expert out there, can one assume a pipe with "L&Co" only was made pre-Cardogan?
  3. greatdane

    List of Aromatics with Burley but Without VA, Perique or Lat

    I tend to like Burley forward blends, and aromatics. I am not really into any Latakia, Perique or Virginias; and besides my wife cant stand the smell of any of those 3. It made me curious to see how many aromatic blends that are made which includes Burley but not the other three. Using the...
  4. greatdane

    OTC burley blends - differences?

    Has anyone done a side-by-side comparison test of the main OTC pure Burley blends? (I am referring to PA, SWR, CH, Granger and LL Ready-Rubbed) Reading individual reviews on TR make them all sound pretty much the same. But I am curious of opinions on their subtle differences; such as which one...
  5. greatdane

    Retro fitting vintage Dunhill pipes to accept 9mm filters

    I always use 9mm filters and I love vintage Dunhill pipes (pre-1969). To reconcile the two I have attempted to find vintage Dunhills with a shank diameter wide enough to allow for a retro fit of a 9mm tenon. So far I have found 2 models which allows for this modification; 554 (bent Rhodesian)...
  6. greatdane

    Old Decorative Tobacco Jars

    I stopped by a local antique store today and saw some really neat older tobacco jars. Most were made of porcelain, some had a metal lining. A few were handpainted and quite nice, wouldn't mind buying one if only for decorative purposes. But it made me wonder, does anybody still use these to...
  7. greatdane

    Mixing Aromatics with Burley

    I smoke aromatics exclusively, but sometimes I think I would like add more body to my aromatics. I have been thinking of mixing burley with my favororite blends. Has anyone else tried this? And if so, what ratio would you mix and any recommendations on a good burley mixer blend?
  8. greatdane

    Cellaring Aromatics?

    I happen to only smoke aromatics, and was wondering if anyone can give advice on how to best cellar them for the long haul (i.e. decades). Tinned cans only? Bulk/pouches in Mylar bags? I have heard aromatics does not age well long-term in jars and will lose flavor over time, is that correct...
  9. greatdane

    Sticky residue on rim from aromatics

    After smoking certain aromatics, I noticed the rim on my pipe bowls develop this "sticky" residue. I have tried using various methods most commonly suggested for cleaning charred rims, but none of these seems to work for this residue. Any suggestions?
  10. greatdane

    Cracks in inside wall - Is this fixable?

    I am looking at pipe which appears to have these cracks inside the tobacco chamber, see attached photo. Is this fixable? If so, what is the cost of permanently repairing this from a professional restorer? TIA
  11. greatdane

    Cellaring Aromatics

    It is my understanding that Aromatics does not "age" well and will eventually lose their original casing/flavor if stored for long periods of time. Is this correct? How do you Aromatic smokers cellar your favorite blends for the long haul? Vacuum packed jars? Thanks in advance for any insights.
  12. greatdane

    Best way to store non-tinned tobacco long-term (10+ years)

    It seems like the standard canning jar method is not perfect for long-term storage as I have experienced several 10+years jars with completely dried out tobacco. There is is inevitably some air leakage over time with your typical Ball or Kerr jars. Anyone found a better method for long-term...
  13. greatdane

    Questions for Dunhill collectors out there

    I am a newbie with a couple of questions for the resident Dunhill collectors on this forum: 1. I have read several places that Dunhill stopped oil curing their pipes in 1967/1968. But has this ever been conclusively verified? 2. Did Dunhill oil cure all all their finishes or just the Root Briar...