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  1. josephcross

    What Did I Find In This Bag Of Tilbury?

    I found tobacco.... But anyone whos been here long enough will probably have seen the posts that have scrutinized the quality of the Esoterica bags and whether or not to store as is, jar, or use mylar ect. I never doubted that they could or would be compromised, mostly I was reluctant to open a...
  2. josephcross

    McClelland 40th In Stock At Smokingpipes

    Thought I’d be the guy to post this! May the panic buying continue.
  3. josephcross

    Bengal Slices At SmokingPipes

    In stock notification just came up. Cheers!
  4. josephcross

    Mold in My Storage Container

    Last night, when I was trying to decide what to smoke, I noticed a few pinches of tobacco in the bottom of my cellar(a cardboard box). To my horror the crumbs were caked in mold. After doing due diligence and making sure nothing was happening on the insides of any of the jars, I was faced with a...
  5. josephcross

    Threads that connect.

    Im not much of a newspaper reader, but lately Ive been reading them out of necessity. My mother in law is in the hospital and Ive been going through the papers while trying to choke down the crappy coffee. As i was browsing this mornings paper I ran into an article. About to pass it by in search...
  6. josephcross

    Balkan Sobranie at smokingpipes

    Thought I'd pass the word that smokingpipes has this blend in stock. I bought a tin to compare against the Hearth and Home blends that I have been enjoying so much.
  7. josephcross

    Pipes made from Arbutus

    I recieved a notification for Chris Morgan's new line of pipes. Apparently they are made from Arbutus, which happens to be plentiful where I live. I have never heard of Pipes being made from this wood. Does anyone have a pipe made from Arbutus? How does it smoke compared to Briar, or other woods?
  8. josephcross

    Took the plunge and rededicated my Sav 320

    I decided the other night to rededicate my Savinelli 320 to Latakia blends. Until that night all of my briars, save one had been dedicated to VAs and Va/pers. I love English/Balkan blends, but they had been quarantined to cobs, and a nice little paneled billiard (Larson's of N.O.) that I picked...
  9. josephcross

    Ordered A Pouch of Carter Hall for the First Time.

    I have been ordering as many tins as I have been able to afford, while keeping my spending below the wife radar. I just put in another small order, but threw in a pouch of Carter Hall to try out. I've never tried an OTC blend. I am strangely looking forward to giving it a go, though not as much...