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  1. alexander87

    Lakeland Ghost in A Falcon Stem?

    Honestly, I love condor so much I ghost pipes on purpose and then smoke bland tobaccos to get a poor man’s condor moment. I say ghost on if ya like it!
  2. alexander87

    IPSD 2020 PAD

    Didn’t get anything. Saving for an Ashton I want.
  3. alexander87

    Keeping a Tobacco Log

    That’s cool!
  4. alexander87

    1 Grabow for 1 Year (8/2/19)

    I have a propane sunflower heater that I’ve been using lately. It gets extremely hot but it’s not great at pushing the heat around the garage. I need a gas heater hung from the ceiling next winter.
  5. alexander87

    Lane 1 Q

    Yeah it’s not THAT bad. To me it’s just kinda bland and it bites me but I think the room note is nice and it makes my car smell like cookies.
  6. alexander87

    Do You Smoke Entire Bowl At Once, Or Sessions?

    I think I must be a really slow smoker. I could have a group 3 bowl last 2 hours and I never have two hours to just smoke. I’ll often start one at night and finish it on my drive to work, or start one in the morning and finish on the way home. All but the smallest pipes just take more time...
  7. alexander87

    1 Grabow for 1 Year (8/2/19)

    Gets too cold to smoke outside in MN in the winter. I open the garage door and sit in my car with the engine running a couple times a week.
  8. alexander87

    Anyone Given Up On PAD for TAD?

    Tobacco all the way.
  9. alexander87

    Wow, It's Expensive

    This is a very sound and reasonable plan. I say this as a pipe smoking Minnesotan.
  10. alexander87

    Have You Ever Had a Pipe Blend That Made You Feel Slightly Ill?

    It's not high in nicotine is it? It was the topping?
  11. alexander87

    The Production And Consumption Of Tobacco In Ireland, 1800–1914

    Very interesting article. You will need a JSTOR account but some of you may have it. I don't think they actually check your credentials either FWIW. ... b_contents
  12. alexander87

    Gallaher's Condor Plug

    Here is my review from ★★★★ Strength Flavoring Taste Room Note 0 minute ago Very Strong Very Strong Very Full Pleasant Condor Plug is my first experience with this style of tobacco. It is a singular experience that some love and some hate. I love it! The taste is a very...
  13. alexander87

    Lane Ltd Ready Rub

    I love this blend but I have had a bad pouch. Most of the time it has too much PG but sometimes it’s absurd. It leaves a kind of film on my teeth as well. I get that same feeling from HGL too so maybe it’s a Lane thing.
  14. alexander87

    Ebay seller great-estate-pipes

    We don’t pufhahau
  15. alexander87

    Favorite Youtube Tobacco Reviewer

    Pretty much my thoughts but I also like Mike from Briar Blues a lot, Matches 860 is good, and of course Stuff and Things.
  16. alexander87

    The Pipe Smoker's Ephemeris

    Has it ever been digitized?