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  1. greatdane

    Pipe Nozzle Adapter for S.T. Dupont Ligne 1?

    EDIT: Fixed Capitalization in Title (See Rule 9) - Bob I have been looking for a pipe nozzle adapter for my ST Dupont Ligne 1 lighter. The few listed on eBay are for Ligne 2/Gatsby models only, and I was told by seller it would not fit the Ligne 1. Anyone knows where I can find one? Or maybe...
  2. greatdane

    American Airfields.

    I am European by birth, emigrated to the US and will hopefully obtain citizenship before 2020. If so, I fully intend to vote for President Trump. You may be surprised to know that is a common sentiment among quite a few of my fellow legal immigrants to this country.
  3. greatdane

    Fly-fishing And No Need To Catch A Fish

    Flyfishing (and fishing in general) goes hand-in-hand with pipe smoking. I am glad to see so many of my fellow pipers also fish. But I envy those who can fly fish now. Where I live (high Rockies), the rivers are basically unfishable for another month due to the spring runoff. And the smaller...
  4. greatdane

    Loewe pipe dating

    No, just that "L&Co" logo.
  5. greatdane

    Loewe pipe dating

    No, just "L&Co" on one side.
  6. greatdane

    Loewe pipe dating

    I came across a Loewe pipe which only had the nomenclature "L&Co". No other wording, and no silver band. For any Loewe expert out there, can one assume a pipe with "L&Co" only was made pre-Cardogan?
  7. greatdane

    Peak Irony: Old Codger Johnny Rotten Says, "Get Off My Lawn"!!!

    I volunteered for a Christian charity some years ago in downtown Chicago. A night every week we would walk around giving out cards to "homeless" people begging on the street for money. The cards provided addresses of places in the city where they could get a free hot meal and a safe place to...
  8. greatdane

    List of Aromatics with Burley but Without VA, Perique or Lat

    Thanks, that helped :-) Still a bit disappointed over the selection if also limiting to tobaccos currently in production and available in tins; I then only see a handful more. A lot of of the blends are obscure local bulk blends or no longer in production.
  9. greatdane

    List of Aromatics with Burley but Without VA, Perique or Lat

    I tend to like Burley forward blends, and aromatics. I am not really into any Latakia, Perique or Virginias; and besides my wife cant stand the smell of any of those 3. It made me curious to see how many aromatic blends that are made which includes Burley but not the other three. Using the...
  10. greatdane

    Pipe Smoking Photos from 1896 to 1988

    Very interesting, thanks for sharing. I couldn't help noticing that the same guy is pictured in many photos leading up to WW2, then a last photo of him in uniform.... makes you think.
  11. greatdane

    Retro fitting vintage Dunhill pipes to accept 9mm filters

    Thanks for the tip, Ash. I will add shape 56 to my list of potentials. If a 6mm filter will fit, it can very likely accomodate a widening to 9mm unless the shank walls are really thin.
  12. greatdane

    OTC burley blends - differences?

    Has anyone done a side-by-side comparison test of the main OTC pure Burley blends? (I am referring to PA, SWR, CH, Granger and LL Ready-Rubbed) Reading individual reviews on TR make them all sound pretty much the same. But I am curious of opinions on their subtle differences; such as which one...
  13. greatdane

    I Hate to Post This..Briar Patch Closing

    Sad, but hardly a surprise after what we've seen coming from the People's Republic of California. Thanks to our "progressive" betters, B&Ms will soon be a relic of the past.
  14. greatdane

    Retro fitting vintage Dunhill pipes to accept 9mm filters

    In my personal experience, using filters significantly reduces tongue bite and keeps the smoke drier and cooler. I detect no muting of flavor when using a filter, in fact I find it improves the flavor experience of many blends by reducing harshness. I have tried a variety of filter options...
  15. greatdane

    Retro fitting vintage Dunhill pipes to accept 9mm filters

    I always use 9mm filters and I love vintage Dunhill pipes (pre-1969). To reconcile the two I have attempted to find vintage Dunhills with a shank diameter wide enough to allow for a retro fit of a 9mm tenon. So far I have found 2 models which allows for this modification; 554 (bent Rhodesian)...
  16. greatdane

    New Proposed Bill Seeks to Eliminate Online Tobacco Sales

    The usual suspects strikes again. It will probably go nowhere in the Senate but If the Democrats ever control both houses again it is likely game over for pipe smokers. Make no mistake about it, if passed this would mean the end of nearly all pipe tobacco at B&Ms as well as online retailers...
  17. greatdane

    Our Own Jiminks Gets Interviewed.

    Just finished listening, very interesting. Jim is a living legend! Did not know about the comics connection. Have been reading my old Carl Barks comics to my younger kids, they love it.
  18. greatdane

    Hello from Colorado!

    Welcome from Durango!
  19. greatdane

    The Psychology of Brands

    Brand psychology is interesting. For instance, why is CBW rated 2.5 on TobaccoReviews while the essentially identical RLP-7 is rated 3.1? I bet the vast majority of pipe smokers could not differentiate between the two in a blind test.
  20. greatdane

    Old Decorative Tobacco Jars

    I stopped by a local antique store today and saw some really neat older tobacco jars. Most were made of porcelain, some had a metal lining. A few were handpainted and quite nice, wouldn't mind buying one if only for decorative purposes. But it made me wonder, does anybody still use these to...