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  1. jpmcwjr

    Esoterica Bags and Pinholes!

    There appear to be lots of pinholes along the corners of many Esoterica bags, but fear not! They aren't holes, but where the paint/foil has come off. I've filled an empty bag of Margate full of water, and not a drop has leaked out. That doesn't prove airtightness, though, as oxygen can pass...
  2. jpmcwjr

    Burlington Arcade

    Almost five years ago I posted about this blend, but the thread was closed a few years after, I presume due to inactivity. An alert member caught wind of it, and the game was on. Finally, this gallant member made it over to Carmel, where we enjoyed some time at the Carmel Pipe Shop, and a bowl...
  3. jpmcwjr

    Site Slowdowns

    Over the past five days I've experienced big slowdowns in this site's pages. Very intermittent, but persistent when it occurs. No discernible pattern. Could this be just high traffic? It's not a problem with my connection, as other sites load just fine when there's a problem here.
  4. jpmcwjr

    My First Ghost!

    Proust was right; taste memories can go way back. Last night I had a full bowl of Margate in this nice Merchant Marine Bing I bought in Palm Desert a few weeks ago. The taste of Middleton's Cherry Blend was there. Not sledge hammer, but it was definitely present, and I've not smoked that...
  5. jpmcwjr

    MOLD! My first.

    I've been lucky, but it just ran out. Re-opened my pound bag of Planta Full English to replenish a jar, and found this: So I threw out the infected part, and will be careful with the rest. I opened the bag about six months ago, and carefully resealed it after replenishing the jar. But I...
  6. jpmcwjr

    Photo Test Thread and How to Post Images

    Please use this thread to test! How to place a photo in a post: If it's on your computer, you can drag it into the REPLY Box directly, or to the Image box (see below) after opening the dialogue box. If you are LINKING* to an image, click on the Link button and paste the URL into the box that...
  7. jpmcwjr

    Pipes in Art, II

    A friend sent me this image of a painting, which reminded me of the very long thread, now closed, that Ed Green lovingly kept up with hundreds of photos. Link to it is below image. Pipes in Art :: Pipe Talk -
  8. jpmcwjr

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    I hope that everyone has a fine Thanksgiving weekend, rushing upon us sooner than you think. And hope this provides a bit of amusement. Thank you, The New Yorker!
  9. jpmcwjr

    No Editing Tools Available

    A week ago I started seeing the editing tools being greyed out and not available, so I can't embed photos or links. I've checked all my settings for this site, but can see nothing that would pertain. Any one else have an idea how to fix? I am onna Mac, latest O/S, and the same thing happens on...
  10. jpmcwjr

    Pirates- (of Penzance and elsewhere): Aaaaaarrrrr!

    Where be ye? Tis the day o' talkin' like a pirate! Ye's be asleep!!
  11. jpmcwjr

    Stem removal

    While it's often been mentioned to not remove the stem while the pipe is hot (rubbish, in my experience), I've seen nothing about how to remove the stem. The folks at Wilke in NYC, many years ago, advised turning it clockwise while gently pulling to remove, and again clockwise while...
  12. jpmcwjr

    Victoria's Got It!

    Not a secret, either, but Victoria, on scenic Vancouver Island, has a nice pipe shop. Not nice prices for tobacco, this being in Canada and all with their punitive tax rate. But here's the exterior, in the main part of downtown:
  13. jpmcwjr

    Tobacco Information.

    While trying to look up something more about the Peterson rebranding of some former "Dunhill" blends, I ran across a part of STG's website that may be of interest as to some history and background. LINK to article/website
  14. jpmcwjr

    Pipe Smoking: Hobby? Life Style?

    Smoking a pipe can be your main hobby, even an essential part of whatever you consider your lifestyle, but it doesn't have to be either. It's neither for quite a few here, based on posts over the past four years; it's just something we do. So, when you're greeted with "Welcome to the hobby"...
  15. jpmcwjr

    Azerbaijan Again, baby!

    After hosting a Formula One racing date a month ago, Baku will host the final of the Europa league football tournament. Another chance to see this fine city, home of Javan, one of our moderators. (Two English football clubs will duke it out. If you're a soccer fan, you know who they are. If not...
  16. jpmcwjr

    How not to re-stem

    By George, this is the worst re-stemming I've seen. I pun on Mr. D's name, as it's the polar opposite of his craft. I imagine him shouting "Noooooooooo!" Has anyone photos of anything as bad? Oh, yeah, you can bid on it at the 'Bay.
  17. jpmcwjr

    Azerbaijan Grand Prix!

    Some great opening shots of Baku, great architecture, fine looking city. I think I spotted Javan in the spectator section, though it's only a qualifying day. ESPNU, Ch. 208 on DIRECTV®.
  18. jpmcwjr

    Tobacco Typing from the Past

    The following was written a long time ago. Kudos to whomever can ID it, and especially date the writing. “Considerations of health prompt the reminder that strong Latakia touches the nerves, Perique the heart and Cavendish the digestive organs—also that the common coarse Virginias used in many...
  19. jpmcwjr

    The Dishwasher Myth

    NB: This is not recommended. In fact, it is recommended to not do so! Loading in the Dishwasher. Left to right: Butz-Choquin; Missou Meer; Parker Hungarian; Pipe of the Month (?) After the run through Drying on the counter After a tiny bit of mineral oil on the stem and rim. It loosened...
  20. jpmcwjr

    Tobacco Processing Primer

    Thanks to a post by Cortez, I read this blog post on blending tobacco by Russ Ouellette, and think it'll be great reading for others. (It was published in 2010, so before some of us found the forum) LINK to article. And here is a second article by this master blender: LINK to article.