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  1. daniel7 - Are They Still In Business?

    I have ordered pipe tobacco from them two days ago and all I received was an automatic answer e-mail that they will send me the tracking number of the parcel. I wrote them an e-mail the next day if everything's alright, but I still haven't got any answer. Maybe I just need to say goodbye to my...
  2. daniel7

    Smoking Cabins In Singapore

    It is just crazy. I have no words. Cars can run around, but smokers are banished to these cabins. From OPEN AIR to closed cabins. Let the video talk.
  3. daniel7

    Lovat dilemma

    I'm sending my Savinelli Tortuga 804 KS to Smokingpipes EU today as I don't use it at all, it is way too big for my taste. Too long and heavy to clench it comfortably and the chamber size is also too big as usually I have max. 45 free minutes a day to smoke and I don't like to smoke half packs...
  4. daniel7

    STG: Skandinavik Mixture

    I start with the background story; in Iceland we have only three pipe tobaccos: - Special Dublin - Half & half - Skandinavik mixture Before MacBaren Scottish mixture was instead of Skandinavik which is... At least it has a taste. Today I was at downtown and I forgot to take tobacco with me...
  5. daniel7

    Hungarian pipe brands/makers

    This Summer I will travel through Hungary, I will be there for a month and as usually, I would like to pick up some local pipe products. I know that Hungary is famous for inventing the "Hungarian pipe shape" in the Debrecen pipe factory during the 19th century (which sadly they started to call...
  6. daniel7

    Invicta Briars

    I really like the appearance of their classic pipes, do you have something from them?
  7. daniel7

    Tsuge Blowfish pipe

    Usually I don't like too much metal in my pipes but Tsuge's Blowfish has a Japanese way of thinking which makes it interesting for me. Does any of you have it in his/her collection? May I ask you to share your experience with this pipe?
  8. daniel7

    Pipe Smoking Photos from 1896 to 1988

    I have just found an excellent Hungarian web page full of archive photos from (mostly) the 20th century. I wrote in pipe in Hungarian ("pipa"), and there is a tremendous amount of photos throughout the century. It is very interesting to see the situations and type of pipes they smoked back then...
  9. daniel7

    Erik Nørding Pipe Quality Control Issues

    I think I'm not lucky with pipes recently. I ordered not so long ago a Nørding pipe, a beautiful bent, Danish style bulldog and what I received...I had no words. I have never seen any pipe drilled so badly, not even home-made one. I was very surprised, as Nørding has a name in the "pipe...
  10. daniel7

    Classic shape bulldog, on a reasonable price

    I'm looking for a classic-looking bulldog pipe on a somewhat acceptable price, around 100-150€. My absolute favourite is the Peterson Sherlock Holmes Squire, which is beautiful and within the price range. But thanks to my issues with Pete's quality, I'm looking for another producer's classical...
  11. daniel7

    Brebbia - Why Aren't They More Popular?

    I think my next pipe will be a Brebbia, I love their Ninja and Sun series, also their author shape is very nice. But before I invest in one, I would like to ask for your opinions. Here I can't read too much about this producer and not so many of you (maybe two) mentioned it among their favourite...
  12. daniel7

    Peterson Pipes - How Satisfied Are You with Them?

    I have only two Petersons, a bulldog Donegal rocky and a Sherlock series smooth Watson. The reason why I'm writing this post is that I can't say that I'm satisfied with the quality of these pipes. 1) Start with the bulldog. I love the shape. I think Peterson makes the most beautiful bulldog...
  13. daniel7

    Waxing Without Machinery

    I'm just before my first DIY pipe-project, which will be a briar eskimo-shape pipe. Everything is in my head already, finally I found the correct piece of briar and stem, I know the colour I would like to use for staining, so hopefully everything will go in order. I have only one question; Can I...
  14. daniel7

    Classic straight apple pipe

    I'm always in a big dilemma before buying my next pipe. Now I really would like to add a straight, very classical apple shape piece to my collection but I'm not sure which one would be the best. My requirements are that it needs to be a good quality, good smoking new pipe and within the price...
  15. daniel7

    Tsubota Pearl Lighters

    I would like to ask you for your opinion about Tsubota lighters. Are they worth their price? How often does a regular gas lighter need maintenance? The flints are compatible with the Zippo ones? My previous inexpensive plastic pipe-lighter (electric) broke down after long years of usage and now...
  16. daniel7

    Savinelli Minuto

    As the title is saying, I'm interested in Savinelli Minuto pipes. Until now I have had only regular size pipes (40-80 mins/smoke). I really like to smoke in the mornings and during weekdays I don't have the opportunity to do that due to lack of time. I know, piping is about enjoying your time...
  17. daniel7

    Greetings from Iceland

    Hello All, I'm a fellow pipe smoker for 15 years. I live in Iceland and I read forums mainly for pipe tobacc reviews as it is not possible to buy any decent pipe tobacco in Iceland. So usually I order bigger amounts from abroad. My favourite pipe tobaccos are Peterson Sherlock Holmes, Peterson...