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  1. zulucollector

    Fraudulent Comoy Blue Riband eBay listing

    Heads up: There is a fraudulent listing for a Comoy Blue Riband Shape 110 on eBay now. There are several tells: 1. Comoy never made a cross grain Blue Riband. 2. Shape 110 is a cutty, not a billiard. 3. Close inspection reveals that the nomenclature was photoshopped. None of the wood...
  2. zulucollector

    Rare Blue Riband Shape Added "The Globe"

    Over the years, I've been looking for a "Globe" and finally found one. Comoy's "Globe" shape resembles an apple, but is different in that it is rounder and the shank-bowl transition is generally more delicate. The Globe is an older Comoy shape. In the 1950s, the company transitioned to marketing...
  3. zulucollector

    Comoy Extraordinaire 498

    Comoy's large, chubby, straight Rhodesian has not been an easy pipe to add to my collection. I've looked for one for years. Those collectors who have them seem enthusiastic about keeping them in their collections. The same has been true for the bent version, shape no. 499. You can imagine my...