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  1. daniel7

    Why Smoke A Pipe?

    I guess it has something to do with nicotine and it is an oral fixation as well. But to be honest, I love the taste of tobacco and the look of the instrument, the pipe itself. It is the best way of stress relief especially if I have a good book to read meanwhile. As some of you already mentioned...
  2. daniel7

    Cob Over Briar

    I prefer briars. And meerschaum-lined briars sometimes. I have a MM Dagner cob which I smoked twice. I can feel some sweetness and aftertaste when I smoke it and I don't like that. Maybe with time I could break it in but why the efforts when I have a lot of good briars? Not to mention the...
  3. daniel7

    What Makes a Favourite Pipe.

    For me it constantly changes. But in general it is about the history of the pipe - if it was a present or I have some nice memories connected to it - and of course smoking capabilities. Nowadays I prefer straight billiards, my actual favourite is a Stanwell Golden Danish (51), but I also like my...
  4. daniel7 - Are They Still In Business?

    Ash, you don't understand? I wanted to know the reason of lack of their reaction for 3 days if their business was still running or what. After that I was just deeply disappointed about their impoliteness and about the fact that after 5 working days there is still no progress (until this minute)...
  5. daniel7 - Are They Still In Business?

    I see and understand that it is a well-known business but taking 5 working days just to bring one box of tobacco (which is on stock) to the post office is not a great job. At least not by my standards. To me reading reviews and critics about an online business always help.
  6. daniel7 - Are They Still In Business?

    They said only: "sorry for the delay. That order should be shipping today and you will receive an email when it does. Thanks" This was yesterday, but I still haven't received anything. I guess it is still not on its way. Maybe today evening someone will finally take it to the post office. On...
  7. daniel7

    Dunhill Blends to Return? - Hearsay

    Population of Eurasia is 4,618 billion (other sources say 5,2 billion). I consider more than half of the planet's population as huge market. In China, more than 300 million people are tobacco users, while India adds another 275 million to the tally Read more from Asian Scientist Magazine at...
  8. daniel7

    Dunhill Blends to Return? - Hearsay

    Asia and Europe combined is a huge market without American-type FDA. I'm more optimistic about it than you.
  9. daniel7

    The Stateliest Pipe Shapes, Canadian Family

    My actual favourite shape is Lovat. Second is Liverpool followed by Lumberman and Canadian. I really love the way they smoke thanks to the long shank. Plus, they look very nice and elegant. I have Brebbia and Peterson Lovats and a BBB Liverpool. I sold my Savinelli 804KS Canadian, it was a very...
  10. daniel7

    Dunhill Blends to Return? - Hearsay

    They stopped to produce with the worst timing. Number of pipe smokers is constantly growing and number of cigarette smokers is constantly decreasing. Yet they decided to stick to the cigarette business. Not the best decision investment-wise in my opinion.
  11. daniel7 - Are They Still In Business?

    Update: They answered yesterday (on the 4th day from order and payment) but the parcel is still not on its way. Today is the 5th day from order... Meanwhile I ordered from Brebbia - Italy and pipe arrived the next day in the afternoon for the same shipping cost to Iceland.
  12. daniel7

    Canadian PAD

    I'm also a fan of the Canadian family, my personal preference is Lovat shape. This Canadian is a beautiful pipe, I understand you couldn't resist. :D
  13. daniel7

    Pipe Culture Documentary, "Father the Flame Flame" is Here!

    Thanks, I will keep my eyes opened! Maybe Netflix in the future?
  14. daniel7

    Pronunciation of Pipe-things

    That pipe shape was invented/started to produce in Debrecen, Hungary in the XVIII. century from meer, clay and hardwood.
  15. daniel7

    Advice on staying in Dublin?

    Temple Bar, of course.
  16. daniel7

    Pronunciation of Pipe-things

    You don't need to pronounce Oom Paul, just say Hungarian instead. :wink:
  17. daniel7 - Are They Still In Business?

    Ok, at least I know they are in business, thank you for the information. Maybe I just used to fast service and answers too much. I really miss Danish Pipe Shop, it's a pity that they don't fulfill international tobacco orders anymore.
  18. daniel7 - Are They Still In Business?

    @ashdigger, wouldn't be the first case. I will wait for one week, after I will give up.
  19. daniel7 - Are They Still In Business?

    Relax? I think it is better if I don't answer on that. But I'm sure you would be veeeery relaxed if someone disappeared with your money.