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  1. murf

    Latakia Smell Transfer

    I had a recent order sit in the box for awhile, maybe a week or so (long story). All the tobacco I ordered was bulk so it was in ziploc bags. The VA blend I ordered, McClelland Matured Cake, took on the smell of latakia from 2 other blends. I took the VA out of the bag and let it air out for...
  2. murf

    General Musings; Thinking Out Loud; Update

    Hello, everyone! I've taken some time off from this site, but have been getting back into it recently. I'd like to share some things with any of you that will listen (and I do appreciate your time). I recently heard that Jim Beam has been bought by a Japanese company. I consider myself very...
  3. murf

    My Wife Got Me Pipe Stuff for Christmas!

    So, I'm not really sure what I got yet, but got home first and saw the package from P&C in front of our door. For the past 3 years, she's been shaking her head or rolling her eyes at me. She always says "you have SO much tobacco already!" (which might be true for my current storage situation)...
  4. murf

    Favorite Online Vendor

    Just interested in taking a poll. Who is your favorite online vendor, and why? I realize that it might be hard to pick just one, so I'm going to split it up into categories. Tobacco: P&C. Other than the recent price hike (on Esoterica), I've found that they have the widest variety, and most...
  5. murf

    My New Neerup

    I purchased a Neerup classic sandblast from 4noggins earlier this month, as a birthday present to myself. I just recently got around to smoking it. What a great smoking pipe! I've smoked both Peter Stokkebye Luxury Navy Flake (cube cut) and H&H Anniversary Kake out of it. The smoke stayed...
  6. murf

    Getting an Even Burn

    So, I've looked around for this a bit under the beginners' section, but to no avail. My question is: any tips to getting a nice even burn? Whenever I go to re-light, I scrape out the ash first. I find that the tobacco burned in a conical fashion before going out, leaving slightly burnt...
  7. murf

    A Winning Combination?

    I rubbed out Dunhill Navy flake and packed some Escudo (rubbed out) on top of it in my big Nording Moss F freehand. I've started doing this not too long ago, and I really enjoy it. The bowl is so big, it's nice to mix it up sometimes. Now, we'll see if I can get it to last over an hour. I'm...
  8. murf

    Villiger Late Night Tin Descript

    I ordered 2 tins of this from Stokkebye. My tin description does not match those listed on P&C,, or Here is what is advertised: "A sweet, satisfying blend of select Virginias and Black Cavendish flavored with Irish Whiskey to bring a pleasant end to...
  9. murf

    Tamping Method

    Something I thought I would share: I've recently been dumping and/or scraping away the ash every time before I tamp. I have found that this is preserves the flavor best, and prevents that "ashy" taste I get after tamping. I tried it, even after I'd heard that some ash helps contribute to the...
  10. murf

    Tobacco Rotation

    I'm just trying to get a feel for: how many different types of tobacco do you have in your current rotation? That is, how many different tobaccos do you have open to smoke at any given time? I'm just trying to figure out, I have about 10 pipes. Should I have, for example, a tin of tobacco...
  11. murf

    Fortunate Accident

    I decided to buy my dad some pipes, for Father's Day. Since he mostly has his father's old pipes, and just 2 new ones gifted to him, I decided to get him 5 cobs from SP. A cheap way to increase his rotation, and when I get there, I need to help him clean out his father's old pipes. So, I had...
  12. murf

    Tobacco in the Fridge

    So, this is kinda lengthy, but bear w/me. Christmas 2012, I was at the in-laws, so I of course needed some alone time, away from the madness. I brought my Bjarne Viking slight bent apple and some Basin St. Blues from Altadis. It was gifted to me from my father on my birthday (early Oct). The...
  13. murf

    No Relight Required

    I have heard, from a long-time pipe smoker, that the Englishmen could smoke a bowl, and towards the end they could fill up their pipes with more tobacco and not even need another light to get it goin. And they could smoke like that all day. I tried this once before, when I was new, and it didn't...
  14. murf

    My Local B&Ms

    Now that I've had my TAD fulfilled for the moment (from a number of online orders), I'm sticking with buying a few tins at a time from 2 local shops that I know of (easier to hide from the wife!) Recently got a buy 2 get 2 Sutliff tins. originally priced at $11.70, I got 4 tins at about $24 ($6...
  15. murf

    How to Add a Friend

    How the heck can I add a friend on this website? I got added by someone when I joined, but I can't figure out how to actually add anyone myself
  16. murf

    Should I Just Throw It Away?

    So, when I first started smoking a pipe here in the states, I went a little overboard with my TAD (actually, it might not be so bad, but my wife always asks why I have so much tobacco). I ordered some samplers from P&C, tried most of them. Anyway, I had not stored these tobaccos in jars, and...
  17. murf

    Latakia Blend Suggestions?

    I'm sure that most of you will have some good suggestions for me, but I have 1 disclaimer: I don't enjoy Dunhill 965 I got this in bulk from a local shop, and was not impressed. Really liked the smell, did not like the taste. I still might try the tin version, to see if it's any better. I'm...