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  1. samcoffeeman

    1931 Dunhill's Shell LB8 Post-resto Pics

    I know George wants to see these but here that are for all to see. My buddy did a great job on the stem.
  2. samcoffeeman

    Smoking 100+ Year Old Balkan Sobranie Cigarettes

    I know this may be a faux pas, as this is a pipe site, but I digress. When I Saw this on eBay for @$30 I said why the hell not. And ya know what, they're damn tasty..non filtered in a early(patent number) Dunhill cigarette holder. They have a Virginia Tang, very flavorful, incredibly rich and...
  3. samcoffeeman

    This Is a Horrible Stem Replacement on eBay

    Already contacted the seller about the so-called "Dunhill-tight" "original" stem, where the shank was obviously sanded to fit the poor fitting stem and the dot is also wrong, too close to the end of the stem. Too bad, it was a really nice looking blasted ODA Tanshell. LINK
  4. samcoffeeman

    I Scored a Comoy's Made 499 on the Cheap!

    Well, I've been looking for a 499 for a while. This one came up on eBay a short time ago and I got it for about $20. It's a good score, considering a similar second(The St. James) of this model sold for over $100. This one was made for Leonard Pipe shop, stamped Dover Deluxe with the old...
  5. samcoffeeman

    So I Finally Opened a Tin of Cabbie's Mixture

    My order of tins came from the second round of Cabbie's Mixture after the initial release. The first round seemed to be fine, in fact delicious which is what prompted me to place a sizable order. I had heard various mentions of something odd in this batch. When I stuck my nose in the tin...
  6. samcoffeeman

    Back in Stock!

    Finally after months my favorite tobacco is back in stock at SP, McConnell Scottish cake. I was getting a bit worried that it was taking so long! I went ahead and grabbed ten more tins, since the tax hit hasn't upped the price yet, and because the thirty I have in my cellar surely isn't...
  7. samcoffeeman

    Another Fake Dunhill on eBay

    Here is an example of a fake Dunhill that comes up on eBay from time to time. I contacted the seller but they disregarded my concern. I then reported the item to eBay in regards to its authenticity. Fake Dunhill listing
  8. samcoffeeman

    Anyone Else Having This Problem?

    Occasionally I go to type a reply to a post and no letters appear while I'm typing. This only happens when I'm on my phone, which is usually how I'm accessing. I'm using Google chrome on my Samsung Galaxy(Android). If I refresh the page that usually works but it's getting annoying as it seems...
  9. samcoffeeman

    New Tobacco Taxes in Effect?!?

    Just came across this listing on eBay. Granted the tin is sealed and may be ancient but is it $4000 worth? Yikes. Only $500/oz! Dunhill Standard Mixture Mild Duke Street
  10. samcoffeeman

    Turned 40, Got Myself a Sweet New Pipe Rack!

    I turned 40 yesterday, passing a milestone with friends and family. I'd been searching for a new rack since my collection has been slowly outgrowing my rackspace, despite my greatest attempts to hold back on PAD. I found this on eBay last week and figured it was worth the price, love the look...
  11. samcoffeeman

    Getting Roped In!

    So a while back I got a sample of Happy Brown Bogie and only smoked it once and gave the rest away, too cigar-like but I didn't give it a fair shake. I decided I should give rope another shot, after reading a recent thread. I perused and decided on SG Brown #4, well reviewed...
  12. samcoffeeman

    Smoking ??? In a Barling's Make

    Packed this bowl a couple days ago in this Barlings Make S-M billiard. Haven't smoked it but once before this, and I meant to smoke it the other day but didn't get around to it. Now I don't remember what I packed in it but it sure is delicious. Might be Wessex Gold VA Flake. Regardless, the...
  13. samcoffeeman

    Forum Update Idea:. Recommend and Flag posts

    So I go to another sports related blog/forum and in the comments section, you can Recommend(Rec) a post and also Flag a post. When you Rec a post it changes color and great posts get a lot of Recs which is pretty cool. You can also Flag a post if you think it is offensive or inflammatory...
  14. samcoffeeman

    Reaping the Benefits of Cellaring

    So I've been a little bit of a hoarder the last few years. I've made some missteps along the way of my tobacco journey. Here is a story of success!! Back in 2013 I purchased a 250g box of SG St. James flake. I put in in an inappropriate container that kept it semi-sealed the last few years...
  15. samcoffeeman

    PAD Nate King olivewood author

    Love my other Nate King pipe. The button is my most comfortable of all my pipes. I was looking for another by Nate and this one fit the bill!
  16. samcoffeeman

    Unremarkable to Remarkable(Shout-out to Pipestud)

    So some time ago, I bought a couple pipes from a guy and he sent me 3 aged tins, one BBF, one Dunhill Standard, and one Dunhill Royal Yacht. I held onto the RY for some time, thinking I might sell it, even tried to at one point and noone was interested, even though it was dated to 2007. I...
  17. samcoffeeman

    President's Cup: Holmes and Watson

    Just watching this. Jb Holmes and Bubba Watson paired together. Wonder if this was done on purpose? Funny seeing their names together.
  18. samcoffeeman

    Some Artisan Pipe Reviews

    Just wanted to share some experiences with artisan pipes I own. Note I purchased all of these as estates, so I cannot comment on commission experiences. You can use this for info or share your own experiences. In no particular order: Grant Batson: The shaping/aesthetic is excellent. The...
  19. samcoffeeman

    Happy Birthday SSJones!!

    Hey Al, Happy Birthday! I hope you enjoy yourself today, drink a cold one and enjoy a nice smoke in one of those author/diplomat shapes you love. Cheers to you Sir! Sam
  20. samcoffeeman

    What's in a Name...

    I was perusing eBay when I noticed this Comoy's Blue Riband ending soon, with a current bid of $400!! LISTING Funny thing about this pipe. I owned it. I bought it for $75 off a noname seller on eBay a couple years ago. Smoked it a few times. Good smoker, great grain. It is actually a...