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  1. brazz

    Wife Pleaser?

    Hard to smoke, a little flowery, but has the best roomnote out there "Mixture 79"
  2. brazz

    Freemasons and Other Fraternities

    Teta Delta Chi Omnicron Charge. My son is interested in the Free Masons,whats the best way to join? I live in Rhode Island (Biggest Little State)
  3. brazz

    Filto metal pipes

    I've heard of Falcon but not a Filto looks very similiar to a Falcon.
  4. brazz

    What are You Reading?

    Thanks sothron I'm on the last chapter of Drac. So I'll check out "The Historian" right away thanks for the tip.
  5. brazz

    What are You Reading?

    I was so upset with what kids are calling Vampires these days...they can eat garlic,walk around in the daylight, mirrrors reflect them. WHAT THE HE-- ! So i'm rereading Bram Stokers Dracula.Thank goodness all is right w/ the underworld. Great historical fiction.
  6. brazz

    Corleone pipes ?

    I've seen Corleone pipes for sale look nice but very inexpensive,does anyone know if they are briar? They seem to mention their rosewood finish but not what their made of? Thanks
  7. brazz

    Stanwell Fans?

    I love the look of their Naval Series.
  8. brazz

    Best Vanilla Aromatic

    For an OTC you can't beat Prince Albert's Soft Vanilla
  9. brazz

    Crown Royal Maple

    Jack Daniels and Wild Tuekey are making honey whiskey. Heard the Jack is great.
  10. brazz

    Show Us Your Pipe Rack or Cabinet

    Have you ever checked out they make great racks and cabinets.
  11. brazz

    Everyday Carry Knife - What Do You Carry?

    Three blade case pocket knife or my "old Timer" Schrade
  12. brazz

    Alone know what this is?

    Thanks for the pics, a piece to add to your collection.
  13. brazz

    Tinderbox Reserve 1928 Review

    Thanks,that review was an enjoyable read. I like aros, sounds like a winner!
  14. brazz

    abused a pete, and i liked it

    Thats a grat way to personalize your pipe. I think it looks waaaay better w/ the rustication. It gives it a whole different personality.
  15. brazz

    March 2011 - What are you smoking? II

    Anniversry Kake in my Royalton
  16. brazz

    What are you listening to?

    My Way Frank Sinatra on vinyl....
  17. brazz

    buck67`s pipe

    Looks great and I love that traditional style. Is that considered a billiard? Still a newbie I guess...
  18. brazz

    What is your around the house pipe?

    My Grabow Omega it sits low and out of the way while doing chores around the house. Also my Cob.
  19. brazz

    January 2011 - What are you smoking? II

    A mix of Dan Blue Note and Town Topic. It smells like I just ate a stack of pancakes.
  20. brazz

    I was a PAD, PAD boy

    That is beautiful. I was wondering being a clincher, is it heavy?