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  1. tzinc

    Questions About "SilverThing" [Inner Tube] in Dunhill Pipes

    are the inner tubes needed? is it just a filter? i don't use filters on my filter pipes like savinelli
  2. tzinc

    Questions About "SilverThing" [Inner Tube] in Dunhill Pipes

    What does the silver thing do? Should I remove it when I smoke will it make any differece? I doubt they are still being made so eventually I assume it wears out and I will have to smoke without it?
  3. tzinc

    Status of 1792

    how has Ennerdale changed I only know the new fomula is it the taste has just lessened?
  4. tzinc

    Easy Clencher

    I am looking for ideas for an easy clencher or even something that I can keep in my mouth throughout the day without having to clench and it won't fall out. I work with my hands at a keyboard and would love to be able to easily have a pipe in my mouth through the day (smoking and not smoking as...
  5. tzinc

    Capstan Original Navy Flake (Blue)

    out of 20 packages I get dinged on 1 it is still much cheaper even if they ding me once ...
  6. tzinc

    O Canada!

    Trudeau is turning Canada into a totalitarian state via a 1000 papercuts.
  7. tzinc

    Canadian, Lumberman, Lovat

    My favourite classic shape is Canadian.
  8. tzinc

    O Canada!

    I have had a lot of luck ordering from the US. I order 4 or 5 tins sometimes some bulk in baggy along with the tins. Out of every say 20 shipments maybe 1 or 2 get a Customs Charge. I generally order from Smoking Pipes they seem to offer the best deals on tobacco and shipping.
  9. tzinc

    Pipe Shapes

    When I started I was all about Canadians. I then moved onto Shape 55s in various sizes and preferably with army mounts. I also appreciate various one offs like a stack, a 10, a 33, hawkbill, poker etc. I stick mostly to Castellos.
  10. tzinc

    Opinions on Boswell’s Tobacco

    I don't smoke a pipe for the Nicotine. LOL
  11. tzinc

    Pipe Size Preferences?

    Starting out I liked bigger bowls after a year I prefer smaller ones. What are your preferences.
  12. tzinc

    Fumed Rim On Castello Pipe

    I love fume because you don't have to worry about keeping the rims clean. I have 2 Castellos: an old sea rock poker 87 and a old antiquarian 55 with fume. I also have a Neerup pot made in that style.
  13. tzinc

    ***What Are You Smoking, May 2022?***

    Love it when the tobacco matches the pipe. Ennerdale in a Castello Army Mount 55 with Silver Ring.
  14. tzinc


    Since I believe Gawith claims to follow the Purity laws I wonder if their toppings are artificial or natural. To be far I did notice added flavour with Grousemoor, Kendal Cream Flake, Ennerdale, and McConnell's Red Virgina (another brand all together I know) but hardly anything with St Bruno and...
  15. tzinc


    there are probably some people out there that prefer a little less flavouring
  16. tzinc

    Blends like Eight State Burley?

    I like VaBurs ... Three Nuns, Stonehaven, even something like Ennerdale.
  17. tzinc

    Shipping Pipe Tobacco from Canada to U.S.?

    Yeah I was going to put some tobaccos up for sale, but I am in Canada should I restrict shipment just to Canada?
  18. tzinc

    Rose Geranium

    I haven't smoked it yet but it has the Ennerdale scent at least to my nose lol.
  19. tzinc

    Rose Geranium

    I wanted try every type of tobacco blend so I bought some 5 dollar cobs and bought some Lakeland brands. WOW Ennerdale is amazing I will be smoking that for the rest of my life and it's the first tobacco my wife actually likes - going to devote one of my unsmoked briars to it. Sam's Flake and...
  20. tzinc

    Naming your Pipes?

    There is Blackie, EMPy, Erren, Stoney, Penny, Bruno, Presby, Ben, Trey, etc