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  1. Jef

    Correct Wax For Meerschaum Pipes

    When I was in the Air Force stationed in Adana Turkey I spent a lot of time learning how they do meerschaum. They clean the block and then soak it in water. It makes the block soft and will carve like wet chalk. I watched a 12 yr old boy carve out a full pipe with vines and grapes on one side in...
  2. Jef

    "Breaking In" A Briar Pipe? Fact or Fiction?

    I like a thin cake in my pipes. I feel that it helps protect and insulate the chamber.
  3. Jef

    Ash Dumping Question

    I lightly stir the ash and dump it. Then lightly stir the bowl, tamp, and re-light
  4. Jef

    Tobacco Quality

    I am definitely not a tobacco expert. I just smoke what I like. As far as flavor.... I feel is the mark of the talent of the blender. I don't think any farmer wakes up and decides to grow a crappy crop. Blenders depend on their skills to make a living. Bad batches of anything happens. Personally...
  5. Jef

    Peterson Emerald Question

    I have an X220. As a matter of fact I am smoking it now. It is one of my favorite pipes. It smokes beautifully. You will have no problems clenching the X220.
  6. Jef

    New Smoking Lounge

    Anything with Gibson written on it is not low end. Wonderful space you have created!
  7. Jef

    Sherlocking A Pipe

    How can you check if the draft hole is flush with the bottom of the bore? Disregard...I was thinking of the bottom end of the stem being flush with the drilled hole in the shank.
  8. Jef

    Sherlocking A Pipe

    My bent Petersons (including my Shannon XL02) will not pass a pipe cleaner. However, I have a large fully bent Rossi that will. With that said, they all smoke great.
  9. Jef

    Any Experience with These Petersons ?

    Brother I am quite the rookie when it comes to tobaccos. I came back to the hobby back in 2017. I tried what I consider to be a fair amount of different types of tobaccos (both english and aeros). Personally, I found blends with red virginias were hotter and more prone to tongue bite than those...
  10. Jef

    Any Experience with These Petersons ?

    Try Golden Va. instead of Red Va. I find Red Va. can be hotter to smoke.
  11. Jef

    Nicotine or Relaxation?

    I smoke because I just plain enjoy it. I don't think about nicotine. The relaxation of the experience comes from finding a peaceful place away from noise and people. No bullshit from anything or anyone. Just being left alone to enjoy my pipe and tobacco. It makes me happy for awhile...
  12. Jef

    Smoking Tobacco Based on the Season - Yes or No?

    I choose my tobacco by what I think I would enjoy for that day. Seasons get no cosideration.
  13. Jef

    Tekin Meerschaum Coloring Updates

    The quality of meerschaum is excellent!! That is some of the most perfect coloring I have seen. Beautiful!
  14. Jef

    Buying Multiples of the Same Pipe

    I would buy the same pipe twice. But probably in a different finish.
  15. Jef

    Can Separating Stem After Every Smoke Ruin the Stem?

    It could very well be of a different material. Never thought of that.
  16. Jef

    Take Your Time Preparing a Bowl

    Preparing and loading the bowl is part of the ejoyment for me. I don't mind spending the time.
  17. Jef

    Can Separating Stem After Every Smoke Ruin the Stem?

    Tried that. Didn't work for me.
  18. Jef

    Can Separating Stem After Every Smoke Ruin the Stem?

    I run a pipe cleaner the best I can as soon as I am done wth smoking. I let my pipes cool and then remove the stem for a more complete cleaning because not all pipes pass a pipe cleaner completely. I had the experience once where the tenon stretched out over a short period of time and became...
  19. Jef

    Moving From English Blends to Pure Virginias

    I like Va and cavendish blends. I am definitely not the expert, but I find red Va. less smooth and hotter than golden Va.
  20. Jef

    Carrying Pipes Back In The Day

    I have a small 1 pipe pouch that carries everything. It fits in any pocket and is not bulky at all. I saw an old Sherlock Holmes movie where a guy used a small knitting needle to pick clean his pipe and stem.