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  1. MarcosEZLN

    Broken Pipe Dan Merriman

    Thanks for posting this, Dave. I don't know how I missed it before I posted mine (sorry admins for the duplicate), but I appreciate it.
  2. MarcosEZLN

    RIP Dan Merriman, @Oldgeezersmoker

    Sorry for your loss, Mike. I was just getting to know Dan, really, but I thought he was great. He'd reach out randomly to see how my girlfriend and I were liking our new house or share some interesting anecdote about Gawith Hoggarth blends I enjoyed. I'd bought a lot of those from him over the...
  3. MarcosEZLN

    RIP Dan Merriman, @Oldgeezersmoker

    He wasn't as active here as a couple other forums, but I wanted to get the word out for anyone who might not see the news elsewhere. I'm very sorry to report that Dan Merriman, @oldgeezersmoker, passed away last month. Dan had an extraordinary wealth of knowledge about pipes, tobacco and tobacco...
  4. MarcosEZLN

    Question for Ashdigger

    I mean, in the insured's defense, that vehicle did last its entire life without an oil change.
  5. MarcosEZLN

    Question to Our Mustachioed Members

    Yep, I think it's sold as a hair spiking gel. The stuff dries up so hard I almost put my girlfriend's eye out a few times coming in for a smooch. One thing I'll say for glue, when I used it and my mustache fell apart it was easy to restyle. The rare times the Got2B Glued fell apart it could not...
  6. MarcosEZLN

    Question to Our Mustachioed Members

    It's been years since I had this handlebar mustache but at this length the only thing which held it together was Got2B Glued. I applied a thick glob and styled it while I blowdried, at a certain point it turns into this completely rigid shell. Sucker felt like acrylic, practically. When it was...
  7. MarcosEZLN

    The Vegetarian Brigade's Latest Secret Weapon? [Wink].

    You despise them? In what way are they negatively affecting you? Many vegans/vegetarians grew up eating meat products and there can be some comfort/practicality in being able to reproduce recipes with which they're familiar. Do you not actually see an ethical difference between eating plants...
  8. MarcosEZLN

    Howdy from Seattle!

    Welcome from a former Seattleite, transplanted to the Bellingham area.
  9. MarcosEZLN

    Hello from Washington State

    Welcome from just up the road in Nooksack, WA, although I'm about to move to Birch Bay. Bellingham is a tough town for much of the year if you're exclusively an outdoor smoker, but these few months of the year are hard to beat anywhere else.
  10. MarcosEZLN

    Windy Smoking

    You might try a meerschaum as there's no risk of burnout on a windy day, although the already recommended windcap would certainly help. If you combine the two you could probably smoke while skydiving without any problem.
  11. MarcosEZLN

    Is this Pit a Big Deal?

    That looks like a tiny, superficial pit in a very thick part of the bowl. I can't imagine any way it would get worse over time. If anything, it'll probably darken up with handling/smoking and be significantly less visible after a while. Even a pipe with no visible pits on the exterior could have...
  12. MarcosEZLN

    My First Meerschaum

    See the post by @MikeDub above showing true vs. false spigots. Generally the benefit of a true spigot is you can take the stem out of the pipe when it's still hot without compromising the mortise/tenon, but in practice I rarely have need to do so. Still, if you were dead set on a true spigot and...
  13. MarcosEZLN

    My First Meerschaum

    I don't remember if AKB makes false spigots but I know they make at least some true spigots; if that particular stem mount is important to you you might want to double check before you buy. The description doesn't explicitly mention a spigot anywhere as far as I can see.
  14. MarcosEZLN

    Looking for Merchant Table Pipe

    As I understand it the Merchant Service table pipe was born as a POTY side project on another forum, where the owner/operator is somewhat active. There's a group of people who have been waiting on round two of those pipes to be made (for close to a year, now), and the owner posted an update in...
  15. MarcosEZLN

    Show Us Your American Made Pipes

    I just added another one from Rich at Smith House Pipes, though I got this one secondhand (smoked one time, is all). At 20g, this is now my lightest briar.
  16. MarcosEZLN

    Altinok vs Altinay

    Knew what? I'm out of the loop.
  17. MarcosEZLN

    Three Strikes And You Are Out

    Are you referencing the McDonald's coffee case as your poster child for frivolous lawsuits? The case of a 79 year old woman who spent 8 days in the hospital for third degree burns to her groin, underwent skin grafting, received two further years of medical treatment, and tried to settle with...
  18. MarcosEZLN

    The Last Of Us Finale

    As a big fan of the game I've been blown away by how well they've fleshed out the plot/themes from the games without adhering too rigidly to the exact details. This is probably the best video game adaptation I can think of.
  19. MarcosEZLN

    Cartels Are Apologizing!!!

    I go to political protests, I engage with my elected representatives, I donate money to politicians I believe in, I sign initiatives I support, I debate politics with those interested in actual discussions, and I vote. Also, I bitch on forums just in case that helps. What I don't do is...
  20. MarcosEZLN

    Cartels Are Apologizing!!!

    I agree with you, generally. My problem is that perpetuating this myth of widespread, organized voter fraud (especially from an extra-national source) distracts us from the actual problems within our government. If we're too busy chasing these phantoms we can't possibly address the actual rot of...