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  1. frennchy11

    Any Frank, Dean, Or Nat Fans?

    Frank in the morning with some coffee
  2. frennchy11

    Favorite Bourbon Whiskey?

    Wild Turkey for bourbons. Bushmills 1608 for whiskey.
  3. frennchy11

    Good Old Carter Hall

    Good call! I'll have to pick some more up on my next purchase
  4. frennchy11

    Anniversary Kake

    Damn I miss that blend. It is still my favorite blend that I have ever tried
  5. frennchy11

    Spring Break B&M Story (Pics)

    Thanks guys I think I figured out that it is either 1968 or 1958 either way it's a good smoke!
  6. frennchy11

    Ryan Alden Straight Dublin

    Very cool looking pipe! I really like the shape of that dublin!
  7. frennchy11

    Spring Break B&M Story (Pics)

    This year over Spring break I decided to take a trip out to Colorado to visit my parents and hang out for a week. I live in Duluth MN so on my way down to the cities I decided to stop into Golden Leaf Tobacco Shop and check it out. This place is a very cool smoking lounge. They had a few tins on...
  8. frennchy11

    First Pete. (pics)

    Sweet! I am hoping to pick up my first pete sometime this week.
  9. frennchy11

    What is your St. Patrick's Day smoke?

    I am going to go with some 3P that has been aging for about a year now.
  10. frennchy11

    Golden Leaf Tobacco Shop Tomorrow

    Well maybe I will head to that location instead. That's the newer one right?
  11. frennchy11

    Golden Leaf Tobacco Shop Tomorrow

    Hey just thought I would let the folks on here who live in Minneapolis know I'm planning on stopping by the Golden Leaf tobacco shop tomorrow afternoon. I don't know exactly what time yet though but if you want to sit down and share a bowl let me know.
  12. frennchy11

    Dedicated Fishing Thread-Pictures& Discussion

    This is a picture of me and my dad last summer fishing in Colorado.
  13. frennchy11

    Summer Time in the Frozen Tundra

    I hear ya! I live up in Duluth and it has been a brutal winter to say the least. We needed a little break!
  14. frennchy11

    Petes03's 4000th Post, A Look Back.

    Congrats and awesome collection! Since I started on this forum I have definitely added quite a few pipes and tobaccos but you have me beat by a long shot!
  15. frennchy11

    Thinking about adding a Pete

    Alright guys thanks a lot. I think I'm going to look for a deal on the bay for now. I'm heading out to CO to visit my parents in a couple weeks here so I'll check out Edwards to see if they have any good deals too.
  16. frennchy11

    Thinking about adding a Pete

    Thanks guys this helps a lot. I was actually thinking about going with the flame grain or a system. One other thing is would I be better off going with an estate? I heard that they used to be a better smoker than the ones now.
  17. frennchy11

    Thinking about adding a Pete

    Alright I know that Pete's have been debated on this site since the beginning of time, but I have been thinking about selling a couple pipes I don't smoke much to buy a decent Peterson. My question for you all is what should I look for? Was there something you didn't like that I should avoid or...
  18. frennchy11

    Great Quotes

    - Ed McMahon - Frank Sinatra
  19. frennchy11

    Lee Van Cleef is in the house

    From what I hear Altinok produces some fantastic pipes! I had my eye on that one too since Van Cleef was the reason I got interested in pipes. Hope it smokes well for you! :puffy:
  20. frennchy11

    Aromatic opinions?

    Personally I like Grousemoor which isn't completely an aro but still very good. Otherwise I like molto dulce and Mac barens Vanilla Cream.