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  1. blackpowderpiper

    Quality - Workmanship and Disregard

    I once purchased a Peterson Killarney that had stain in the bowl. It tasted horrible. Not knowing any better I simply smoked it about a hundred times and it finally came around.
  2. blackpowderpiper

    Turns Out I Was Packing Too Loose

    I'm glad you're figuring out what works for you, and yes, you can pack too loosely. I prefer to start a little too loose as I can always tighten my draw by tamping as I go along. I used to put a lot of thought into specific packing methods but now I just primarily grab some tobacco, rub it out...
  3. blackpowderpiper

    To Clay or not to Clay....

    From what I understand, that's exactly what you do. Just lay the pipe on some hot coals and let all the tar burn off. Once cool, pack it back up and start smoking again.
  4. blackpowderpiper

    Favorite Morning Blend

    Depends. Bayou Morning, Haunted Bookshop and University Flake are three that I'm currently enjoying.
  5. blackpowderpiper

    To Clay or not to Clay....

    I want to like smoking clay pipes but just don't. I agree that the flavor is neutral but the fragility and the heat they generate, not to mention the feeling of a clay bit against my teeth just doesn't work for me. I'll be the first to admit that their cool and I love the historical aspect.
  6. blackpowderpiper

    Rigid Black Char Forcing Harder Tamping Pressure?

    I agree with @woodsroad. Try to not overthink things. Pipe smoking is meant to be relaxing. I think starting off we are all prone to overthinking. Tamping pressure and frequency will totally depend on the cut of the tobacco, moisture level, how tight the initial pack was, environmental...
  7. blackpowderpiper

    Watch City Old Dominion Tins

    I purchased a few tins of the Old Dominion 25th Anniversary a few years ago. I thought it was expensive then at about $15 per 1.5 oz. I will admit that it is a good Vaper but they have now priced me out of the market. $12/oz (+/-) is more than I'm willing to pay. But to each their own.
  8. blackpowderpiper

    University Flake match

    University Flake is one of my favorites. I'm not aware of another tobacco that replicates that wonderful plum/blueberry top note.
  9. blackpowderpiper

    To Clay or not to Clay....
  10. blackpowderpiper

    Small, Medium, Large Tins Or Bulk Preference

    Bulk 90% of the time. I quit chasing unicorns some time ago. Over the years, I have found some bulk options that I am pleased with and prefer to stock up on those by the pound. As Hoosier mentioned, I have a few favorites that aren't offered in bulk and will occasionally purchase those tins when...
  11. blackpowderpiper

    Canadian Import Advice Help - Tax was 200%!

    I feel for our Canadian brethren. If I didn't already smoke I certainly wouldn't start. I figure it is only a matter of time till we experience much of the same here in the US. This is exactly the reason I have been stockpiling tobacco for years.
  12. blackpowderpiper

    Ozark Mini Question

    I have an Ozark mini that I use for similar pursuits. Mine too had a pretty decent gap from the stem to the bottom of the bowl wasting precious tobacco. I took some cigar ash and made some mud and filled mine in. It only takes a few minutes.
  13. blackpowderpiper

    First Commission Arrived

    Very nice looking pipe!!
  14. blackpowderpiper

    Thoughts on a Second Pipe

    I have an MM Elf Cobbit and it is one of my favorite pipes. It always produces a fine smoke. It has a good sized bowl as well. Good for sitting on the porch and contemplating life. I recommend them. I don't generally smoke while doing anything else so that is not a consideration for me. The...
  15. blackpowderpiper

    A Ramble

    I too enjoy sitting on my porch with a pipe and reflecting on life.
  16. blackpowderpiper

    Opening A Tin? Show Us!

    That's the good stuff! I have only a single tin left.
  17. blackpowderpiper

    1995 Christmas Cheer

    I purchased a tin of 2000 Christmas Cheer a few years back. I smoked some during that holiday season and then jarred it up. I have been opening it up every year around Christmas and smoking a few bowls. To my taste, it is still delicious and enjoyable. It is a treat and an old friend that I look...
  18. blackpowderpiper

    Unopened Frog Morton On The Town

    I agree with this sentiment. "Where ignorance is bliss, 'tis folly to be wise."
  19. blackpowderpiper

    SPC Price Points

    I guess some people are under the impression that if something costs more, it must be better. Many of us know that this is not true. To be fair, I've tried a few different blends from SPC and just really didn't care for them. For me, their products are not worth the asking price. Luckily, I have...
  20. blackpowderpiper

    What are You Smoking this Christmas?

    Smoking a bowl of 2000 Christmas Cheer in a Boswell saddle bit coal rusticated billiard. A very pleasant and relaxing smoke after a couple of days spent with extended family.