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  1. makhorkasmoker

    Man, I love Burley. What's Your Favorite?

    C&d dark burley
  2. makhorkasmoker

    Man, I love Burley. What's Your Favorite?

    You’re getting it whole leaf?
  3. makhorkasmoker

    Messing Around With an English Blend

    way too much Latakia for me. I would not be able to taste the other components with that much Latakia—especially if the mix is given a chance to marry a bit. But then I lean towards light English if I’m going to smoke one
  4. makhorkasmoker

    Pipe Smoking and Cancer

    I hope someone who knows how to interpret statistics better than I will correct me if I am wrong (I very well may be) but the way I attempt to comprehend studies like this is to look at the rate numbers--i.e. cases per 100,000. For example, according to this study: for people who never used...
  5. makhorkasmoker

    How Biased Are Pipe Tobacco Reviews

    As a burley smoker I get frustrated with many reviews. To list components is not enough with burley forward blends. I need to know what has been done to the burley, and as this info is rarely given by the producer (c&d is a wonderful exception), the reviewer needs a deep knowledge of burley. If...
  6. makhorkasmoker

    American Made Pipes

    Is Dr. Grabow's website new? I Just checked and found the same old dearth of information. No weights, no measurements, no description, minimal pictures... That said, my Savoy is a great little American made pipe.
  7. makhorkasmoker

    Adding other Smokable Leaves to Pipe Tobacco?

    This was likely done for thousands of years before “modern” pipe smoking. Many types of herbs were added to nicotiana rustica and other species of tobacco. I believe deer tongue may be our sole remaining remnant of this practice , and even that is fairly rare. Otherwise we make do with...
  8. makhorkasmoker

    What's Your Funniest Misunderstood Song Lyric?

    My dad used to listen to the Linda ronstadt version of the Gershwin song “I’ve got a crush on you.” When she came to the line “I’ve got a crush, my baby, on you”, my brother, who preferred Guns N’ Roses, white snake, Van Halen , etc. would refuse to recognize the commas, and ask, “she’s gonna...
  9. makhorkasmoker

    My First Mix

    Personally I’d go a lot lighter on the Latakia. A little of that goes a long way, especially if you let the mix sit a little.
  10. makhorkasmoker

    C&D Dark Burley

    No. I’m reluctant. I do not handle Virginia blends well, generally
  11. makhorkasmoker

    C&D Dark Burley

    For the record, I have smoked over ten pounds of c&d dark burley since I wrote that review. It remains my daily smoke and my favorite pipe tobacco by far.
  12. makhorkasmoker

    C&D Dark Burley

    Unfortunately smoking pipes has been out of the bulk (actually a Surprising number of c&d bulks), for quite a while now. I’m hoping they restock soon
  13. makhorkasmoker

    Your Own "Best" Tobacco

    Without question c&d dark burley. I cannot find anything I like even half as much. It remains my favorite year after year
  14. makhorkasmoker

    Cinnamon and Cloves?

    Sorry, what do you mean by “pouchy”?
  15. makhorkasmoker

    Cinnamon and Cloves?

    well shoot. Thanks for letting me know.
  16. makhorkasmoker

    Cinnamon and Cloves?

    I’m going to be looking for this one, along with Scaferlati Caporal, when I go to Spain in the fall.
  17. makhorkasmoker

    Barrel/Basket Pipe Prices

    $25 to $50. Beyond that it’s not a basket pipe for me, whether it’s in a basket or not
  18. makhorkasmoker

    Your Own "Worst" Tobacco

    I have a shelf full of worst tobaccos in various genres. I keep them, in small mason jars, because I have been told here that my tastes will probably change in the future. Every now and then I will try one to see if this change has occurred yet. So far they serve as valuable negative points of...