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  1. nevadablue

    Little Red Restoration

    Yes, nice work. I too like the workbench shot.
  2. nevadablue

    Rehydrating some old Haddo's

    I have had good luck with using the bowl/damp towel trick. Put the tobacco on a bowl, lay a damp paper towel over the bowl and cover with a plate. A day or so and it should be fine.
  3. nevadablue

    George Washington Tobacco?

    I pulled the humidifier disk and apple slices today and moved one bag to a bowl with a damp paper towel and plate. The other bag is resting. I did smoke one bowl and it is just fine. Has some ‘spice’ but not bad at all. I will probably finish humidifying this and smoke it all. Like it.
  4. nevadablue

    George Washington Tobacco?

    Let’s revive this thread. I just found this tin in my storage unit. I originally found it years ago and saved it because it is a neat tin. Today I opened it and found it about 2/3 full! I have moved the tobacco to a couple of bags, with apple slices to start the revival process. It is quite...
  5. nevadablue

    Get Well Soon: Russ Ouellette

    Get well Russ, we enjoy your company and your work!
  6. nevadablue

    Never, Ever Give Up!

    Beautiful pipe, congratulations.
  7. nevadablue

    Help with dating a pipe...

    I'm not sure it is legal to date a pipe. But, since nearly everything is acceptable these days, it probably is OK. Just don't take pictures. 8O
  8. nevadablue

    What I Am Up To.

    Thanks everyone! I was lucky enough to have had all 4 grandparents to remember. I was 12 or so when I lost the last grandpa and my mom's mom lived to 90 something. Unfortunately we moved far away and I didn't see her much. Frank, I know what you mean. We just moved so we could be closer to the...
  9. nevadablue

    What I Am Up To.

    I have decided to spend my time with my grandkids and my grandson in particular. We are learning outdoor skills. That is why I am chasing tobacco tins, to make 'kits' for fire building and such. Watch this video if you need to relax. This fellow lives in Denmark. He smokes Orlik Golden Sliced...
  10. nevadablue

    What Do You Do with All Your Empty Tins?

    Npod, that is a really neat idea! I WILL pay postage if you guys will send me tins. I will pay you BEFORE you save them if you wish. That way when a medium or large flat rate box is full, you can get rid of it right away.
  11. nevadablue

    Blackbeard's Reading Habits

    It is interesting for sure. They found a fragment of this book written in 1712. It is a documentary of a voyage. You can get a copy of the book here, in several formats. I got the PDF file. Pretty neat book actually.
  12. nevadablue

    If You Cannot Buy the Rack You Want, Build It.

    Did he say 'nice rack'? 8O It is nice, good job!
  13. nevadablue

    Blackbeard's Reading Habits

    Some here may enjoy this...
  14. nevadablue

    Resealing Used Tins

    If you want to reseal the tin, just wrap electrical tape around the thing. It will be waterproof/air tight. Cover the lid/tin joint with a turn of tape.
  15. nevadablue

    What Do You Do with All Your Empty Tins?

    I will pay postage for US based tin tossers to toss their tins to me. I could use quite a few more.
  16. nevadablue

    Criminal Defense Lawyer Reccomendation?

    More likely the tobacco is getting an underwear ghost... Did he say that? I have never heard of an underwear ghost. 8O
  17. nevadablue

    What Do You Do with All Your Empty Tins?

    I would like to buy a pile of tins from someone. Tin ones, not the paper can things. Need them for other projects. I want to make a bunch of flint and steel fire starting kits for some Cub Scouts.
  18. nevadablue

    Who's Protecting Your Pipes?

    Nobody messes with my pipes. I have a watcher.
  19. nevadablue

    Is Email Fading?

    And, none of them have a clue about what a 'wheat light' is... Must be some sort of LED... LOL...