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  1. VDL_Piper

    The first day of Summer and?

    Summer you say!!!!!
  2. VDL_Piper

    Another Ropp For My Collection

    I love these Ropp's especially the bone stemmed ones and they are great value. Enjoy this one is good health Sir and best wishes on your Birthday 🎉 🎁🎉
  3. VDL_Piper

    A Little Humor for the Day

  4. VDL_Piper

    Donald Sutherland Is No Longer With Us.

    This news has surely saddened my day, bugger!
  5. VDL_Piper

    Jim's 50th Pipe Smoking Anniversary.

    Jim what great memories of your first pipe and close friend, just wonderful. 50 years Jim, where did the time go my friend and I for one am incredibly grateful you decided to smoke that little Willard and refine your palate to a level by which all others are now measured. Your contributions to...
  6. VDL_Piper

    A Little Humor for the Day

  7. VDL_Piper

    Hot Dogs.

    Very skilfully done bullet, I dips me lid bdw
  8. VDL_Piper

    Hot Dogs.

    Mate we don't worry about hot dogs to much down under. We just slap a Mystery Bag on a Sanga and add a bit of Dead Horse.
  9. VDL_Piper

    A Little Humor for the Day

  10. VDL_Piper


    Chart was no where near ready over the last six months to stop and it can still do another 5 wave extension based on my count is close to exhaustion and needs to retrace to gather some liquidity before it pushes again in my opinion. Having said that I am not offering financial...
  11. VDL_Piper

    UK Weather

    Damn cold here this morning at -2.5C
  12. VDL_Piper

    TAD Acquisitions 2024

    Agree, my goodness its a fine smoke.
  13. VDL_Piper

    Instant Reaction To Peterson’s Early Morning Pipe

    So you have eliminated two of the four components of EMP. Next is Latakia and Orientals with the latter being a little more difficult as there is quite a bit of variation in type and flavour profile in Orientals. I'd say its the orientals causing you grief if I was a gambling man based on your...
  14. VDL_Piper

    Reality or Monty Python Skit?

    Society is broken and I can't see a way to restore dignity, generosity, humility and love without doing a hard reset as painful and destructive as that is and I agree with @AJL67 wholeheartedly that we are all to comfortable in so many things. Its time we all got punched in the face.
  15. VDL_Piper

    5 Months In, I Still Have No Idea How to Pack a Pipe

    Try this method mate, I recommend it to all who are having trouble loading their pipe. It's the easiest way for a new pipe smoker to pack their pipe and it eliminates all the possible error points when trying the 3 pinch etc..........
  16. VDL_Piper

    A Little Humor for the Day

  17. VDL_Piper

    Bosun Plug?

  18. VDL_Piper


    I've just had a look at the Nvidia chart and if I was a holder (and I'm not) I would have my stops up pretty close atm. Lots of gaps on the weekly chart and looks hugely oversold.
  19. VDL_Piper


    This is so true, one has to stay the course of steady gains and the big ones look after themselves. Another good strategy that I employ is the "second bounce" theory. After initial surge and correction the market always wants to test the high price again.
  20. VDL_Piper

    Lack of Respect for Sutliff?

    I have two of their blends which I love and smoke regularly. I always see quality leaf in their product as well, no complaints from me.