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  1. Cappy

    WTB Carolina Red Flake and Perique, 2020. (3/22/24)

    Thanks to forum brothers, I’ve picked up a few tins. But I am open to more.
  2. Cappy

    WTB Carolina Red Flake and Perique, 2020. (3/22/24)

    Picked up a couple of tins recently and really like it. PM if you have any you’d part with.
  3. Cappy

    JimInks, I've Gotta Ask.

    2 questions. First, about how many blends have you sampled? Second, which one is your all-time favorite? Thanks
  4. Cappy

    ***What Are You Smoking, March 2024?***

    Picked up some 2020 Carolina Red Flake. VERY good. Smoked in this Jody Davis pot.
  5. Cappy

    C & D Burley Blends

    Solani Aged Burley Flake
  6. Cappy

    What's your Favorite "Navy"?

    Windjammer Mac Baren's Navy Flake Just scored a tin of Mac Baren from 2005! Will fire it up before dawn tomorrow.
  7. Cappy

    Show us Your Best Smoker

    My two best smokers are both from Jody Davis. That guy's pipes sing from the first bowl.
  8. Cappy

    Do You have a Pipe You can’t Bring Yourself to Smoke?

    Yes, I have a new pipe I haven't been able to bring myself to smoke. It's one of the last of the pipes to come out of Smio Satou's workshop. In fact, before I lit it up for the first time, I learned of Mr. Satou's death. Since then, I haven't been able to smoke it. It's like I am keeping it as a...
  9. Cappy

    Another New Commission

    It’s a bent Gumnut. He originated the Gumnut shape.
  10. Cappy

    Another New Commission

    Initiated 2 new commissions last year. Both finished about the same time. This one is a Gumnut by Jeremiah at Bullfrog Pipes down under.
  11. Cappy

    New Commission

    After telling him what I wanted, he told me he’d make one. If I didn’t want it, he’d sell it to someone else. It was a bit pricey for my budget, but when I saw it, I had to have it. I typically have low expectations of a pipe until I smoked a dozen or so bowls. I smoked the first bowl this...
  12. Cappy

    New Commission

  13. Cappy

    New Commission

    Just received this beauty. I’ve never owned a pipe as perfectly executed. Absolute perfection. Now I must decide which blend will have the honor of the maiden voyage. Jody Davis Grade: Cardinal A Overall length : 5 1/2” Bowl height : 1 7/8 '' Tobacco Chamber width : 3/4" Tobacco chamber depth...
  14. Cappy

    CS Lewis Pipe Smoking Anecdote

    I love that.
  15. Cappy

    One Tobacco To Rule Them All

    McConnell Scottish Flake. Hands down.
  16. Cappy

    How Can People Taste Anything Without Retrohaling?

    I never retrohale and get plenty of flavor. Just this morning, I smoked an utterly delicious bowl of Scottish Flake.
  17. Cappy

    Estervals and Shipping to the US

    Same as my experience with them.
  18. Cappy

    Whose Pipes do You Have the Most of?

    My collection isn’t large but I have 3 from Satou, a little bent bamboo sitter, a bent bulldog, and a bent dublin. Sweet smoking pipes, and I intend to own more.
  19. Cappy

    Pipe(s) That You Will Never Smoke...

    The ones I don’t own.