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  1. Grumpy11

    Question about Prince Albert

    I've been smoking Prince Albert for many years and never found harshness or bite.
  2. Grumpy11

    Jim's C&D Sansepolcro 2024 Small Batch Review.

    I bought one tin from Smokingpipes. I really like it. Will definitely buy more. Smoking it right this minute in a SER Jacopo billiard I bought from Al Pecia. Two of my favorites.
  3. Grumpy11

    Does the Quality of a Pipe Increase with its Price?

    I've been smoking pipes for 50 years and have owned dozens. Best smoking is a Kaywoodie estate. $50.
  4. Grumpy11

    New Member From Florida

    Welcome from Vero Beach
  5. Grumpy11

    Air Purifier

    Does anybody here use an air purifier inside to remove smoke/smell from your pipe? Right now I'm smoking in the garage but it gets really hot here in the summer. The Pipe Cottage recommended Rabbit brand but its pricey, Amazon has another one for about $130; 4 or 5 stars.
  6. Grumpy11

    Pipe Den in Vero Beach, FL

    I've found, except for the 85 per cent tax on pipe tobacco, Vero Beach is a good place for a pipe smoker to live. I mostly mail order my Peterson Flake at reasonable prices. Some nutter politicians raised those taxes years ago. Can't fix stupid. I've bought several estate Dunhill pipes from Bob...
  7. Grumpy11

    Greetings from Shanghai, China!

    Welcome from Forida
  8. Grumpy11

    Pipe Den in Vero Beach, FL

    Bob the owner is still there, just older. I was there a couple months ago.
  9. Grumpy11

    Pipe Den in Vero Beach, FL

    No pics. I'm not affiliated and technically challenged. Only occasionally a customer.
  10. Grumpy11

    Pipe Den in Vero Beach, FL

    Edit: No all caps. But- no photos?? This is a B and M on the Florida east coast. Its in town about ten miles east of route 95. Its a real smoke shop and carries hundreds of pipes including Dunhill and Castello. New and estate. Won't disappoint the real pipester. Let me know if you are coming...
  11. Grumpy11

    1st Experience With AlPascia

    I purchased a SER JACOPO from them and got it here in Florida in 5 days.
  12. Grumpy11

    Hello everyone!

    Welcome from Vero Beach. Glad there's no politics someplace.
  13. Grumpy11

    New Member from Indiana

    Welcome from Vero Beach FL
  14. Grumpy11

    Hello from Ohio

    Welcome from Vero Beach Florida
  15. Grumpy11

    Winter Weather Challenge

    This talk of cold weather is why I moved to Florida. Occasional hurricanes haven't caused much damage here in Vero Beach in past years. Few shingles. It's about 70 here today.
  16. Grumpy11

    Question about Prince Albert

    PA is one of my favorites
  17. Grumpy11

    How Many Bowls do You Smoke a Day?

    One a day if I'm lucky, three a week.
  18. Grumpy11

    Which GL Pease Should I Buy?

    Union Square for me
  19. Grumpy11

    Hello From Hampton Roads, VA

    Welcome from Vero Beach