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  1. waznyf

    Putting my Pipes Away

    How unfortunate. Is it at all possible for you to receive a gift of tobacco in the mail or is that regulated just as well as the sale of tobacco?
  2. waznyf

    Smoking Room Ventilation

    I run Austin Air Healthmate Plus air purifiers all day long, usually on high when I’m smoking, and they seem to work very well. This is with windows closed but if the weather permits, I’ll run an oscillating fan with the patio door open and the air purifier running as well. It’ll smell initially...
  3. waznyf

    Loving My First Meerschaum Pipe

    That cat is absolutely beautiful! I bet having a meer of your cat would be pretty cool. I have always wanted a meerschaum pipe but never committed to actually buying one. I guess the seller that you referenced is reputable? Thank you for sharing!
  4. waznyf

    Recent TAD Pick-Ups

    17.5 oz Best Brown Flake #2 2 oz Ennerdale Flake 2 tins of Best Brown Flake 1 tin of Bengal Slices 1 tin of Ashton Gold Rush
  5. waznyf

    Hello from Michigan

    Welcome from West Texas, though originally born and raised in Mid Michigan.
  6. waznyf

    Looking For A Really Good Pipe Lighter

    Agreed! I’ve been using the same one for probably 10 years as well.
  7. waznyf

    Newbie from Northern Michigan

    Welcome to the forum from West Texas (formally a troll from Mid Michigan lol)!
  8. waznyf

    Crazy Tax on Pipe Tobacco

    Oh I pray that doesn’t happen in Texas! I just bought 18 oz today from the local shop for $148. About $7/oz.
  9. waznyf

    Pipe Smoking Newbie: Smoking when it’s cold

    I moved from Michigan to Texas…. Problem solved!
  10. waznyf

    Relighting a Half-smoked Bowl.

    This is a very common practice for me, though not necessarily by choice. I have got 4 kids so at times all I can get in are a few puffs at a time lol While I don't very much enjoy a bowl that has been left out over night, I will generally finish it the next day unless of course it is too...
  11. waznyf

    Developing Palate

    Hey folks, Might any of you have tips that may assist me in developing my palate? I would like to grow and pick up certain nuances in the tobaccos that I smoke. Lately I have been reading reviews of what I am about to smoke on Tobacco Reviews and then trying to pick up what was described in...
  12. waznyf

    Cleaning Pipes

    I am watching some YouTube videos at the moment but feel free to link videos that you like also!
  13. waznyf

    Cleaning Pipes

    Greetings friends, For those who don't know, I have recently started smoking my pipes again after a nearly 3 year break. It has been roughly a month or so now and I realized that I haven't cleaned my pipes since I last used them. My questions for you: How do you deep clean your pipes? How...
  14. waznyf

    Greetings from Texas

    Howdy! Glad you have joined us! I too am in Texas perhaps one day our paths will cross and we can share a bowl and friendly conversation.
  15. waznyf

    Let Me Ash You a Question.

    My apologies for not mentioning that. I have been smoking a light aromatic from my local brick and mortar.
  16. waznyf

    Let Me Ash You a Question.

    EDIT: Fixed Capitalization in Title (See Rule 9) - Bob Hey folks, Do you find yourself smoking the majority of your bowls to ash or do you knock them out and repack? Since getting back into smoking again I find that I am not finishing my bowls as much as I used to. I believe that this has more...
  17. waznyf

    C&D Smoking Pipes 20th Anniversary Flake and Dark Flake

    I placed an order for two tins of each.
  18. waznyf

    Before Attempting to Remove Oxidation

    This is exactly what we did when restoring pipes at the
  19. waznyf

    What Brought You To The Pipe?

    I had wanted to put down cigarettes and it seemed like a good alternative. Though I didn't quit smoking cigarettes right away, I can say that I have been free from the addiction for nearly two years now. Something just drew me to the craft though.... Can't quite explain what. Perhaps I thought...