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  1. ckgdrums

    Newbie flailing on whether to smoke or not!

    Yep, in agreement with the above posters... if you're worried about it, don't do will find it hard to relax, which is the whole purpose of the pipe. 8)
  2. ckgdrums

    Ashton's Consummate Gentleman Review

    That is one of the ones I want to try as well... Thanks for the review.
  3. ckgdrums

    Savinelli Silver Before/After Resto

    That looks great! Well done!
  4. ckgdrums

    CAD Hits!

    That is quite the order! I am curious about the McClelland Christmas Cheer. Is that typically a good offering by them?
  5. ckgdrums

    Finishing My Cigar the Cajun Way

    We had a "special" kid come into The Humidor once, and pulled out 2x2 piece of white pine that was about 6" long. He had drilled this thing out to make a pipe out of it... no contours, no tapering for a stem or anything... just a block of wood... then, he proceeded to walk around the room...
  6. ckgdrums

    My Ode to Pipe & Leaf

    Nicely done... Congratulations!
  7. ckgdrums

    Medal of Valor

    I have a tin, and I must say it is NOT my favorite... just seemed generally unpleasant.
  8. ckgdrums


    MM Independence Day 2015 1Q H&H Caramel Apple Pie Highland Whiskey Peterson Irish Flake
  9. ckgdrums

    Made Pipe #9, A Natural Tomato

    Very nicely done...
  10. ckgdrums

    KC Pipe Show - Best Pipe in Show

    I'm with you, booker... not doing much for me... in person, meh....maybe.
  11. ckgdrums

    Show Off Your Petersons Here!

    Kinsale Smooth - Father's Day 2015! :puffy:
  12. ckgdrums

    Maintaining A Good Smoke

    Here is a link on Breath Smoking from the G.L. Pease website...
  13. ckgdrums

    Czech tool spade

    Me too... seems to be all the tool(s) I need...
  14. ckgdrums

    New Member and Smoker

    Welcome to the forum, Tyler, from one newbie to another! :-)
  15. ckgdrums

    Packages STOLEN off my porch...

    I've thought of that, too! LOL
  16. ckgdrums

    Your better half

    My wife is not only supportive, but also joins me with pipes of her own, and her own custom made blend from our local tobacconist. :-)
  17. ckgdrums

    Packages STOLEN off my porch...

    Indeed, Maxx... I have done that very thing...directed P&C to ship the replacement packages UPS, and logged into the UPS website to have them hold for pickup. Greatly reduces the chance of theft that way... ;-)
  18. ckgdrums

    Packages STOLEN off my porch...

    We are actually doing that very thing... 2 on the porch alone...
  19. ckgdrums

    Packages STOLEN off my porch...

    Replacement package #1 is enroute, via UPS,...and...will be held for pickup at the UPS depot here in town! :-)
  20. ckgdrums

    The After Midnight Club

    YAWN! Well, anyone around?