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  1. mrgunnar177

    Getting and noticing the most out of your Tobacco

    Those nirvana smokes are rare for me. But when they happen they stay with me, hell I remember one back in 2012
  2. mrgunnar177

    Lost my Sponsee and Friend

    You’re an amazing person to go out and be a sponsor. It’s not your fault, you did what you could my friend. God bless G
  3. mrgunnar177

    Peterson Pipe lighter help

    Loaded it up and using it today at Huntsville state park!
  4. mrgunnar177

    Peterson Pipe lighter help

    Thanks y’all!
  5. mrgunnar177

    Peterson Pipe lighter help

    Thank you my friend it’s good to be back! That sounds good enough for me!
  6. mrgunnar177

    Peterson Pipe lighter help

    Hey y’all got a Peterson ole boy style lighter for my birthday, just wondering wha the verdict is on best butane, and what type of flints and where to get them for replacements Thanks Gunnar
  7. mrgunnar177

    How BIG is your cellar?

    About 70LB cellared since 2012
  8. mrgunnar177

    Owl Sighting

    Hey brother I don't think you know what a chow is... he doesn't mean a Chihuahua He means a chow which is a very different much larger dog...
  9. mrgunnar177

    New Life for Tin Art - Jar Labels

    PM incoming
  10. mrgunnar177

    My first order in 12 years ... advice needed please.

    good choices all around, I can speak for most of the blends my favorite aero is definitely trout stream
  11. mrgunnar177

    IPSD - PAD Got Me Afterall

    very nice! I'v held off of TAD and PAD so far but the day is still young
  12. mrgunnar177

    Danger Pipes Shipping Costs disappointing. WOW !

    They are good guys I'd call them if I were
  13. mrgunnar177

    Photos from Chicago Pipe Show

    I want to make it out there! Gotta convince the wife lol
  14. mrgunnar177

    New FDA Regs; What Isn't Affected?

    Everything is effected and we could possibly be looking at the destruction of the cigar and pipe industry.
  15. mrgunnar177

    Hey y'all!

    Celebrated my return with a tobacco order lol first tobacco placed in a LONG time
  16. mrgunnar177

    After how many bowls do you clean your pipe?

    Regular cleaning after every bowl deep clean about once every 6 months :)
  17. mrgunnar177

    The move to Texas

    I've been meaning to, just the timing is bad with the hours I work
  18. mrgunnar177

    Hey y'all!
  19. mrgunnar177

    Hey y'all!

    I'v been meaning to go but with my work a rarely can make anything remotely organized. I have to request it off at least 6 weeks in advance. I might try for September's hopefully earlier than that. I havent found any with decent prices, bought a uncommon sav for $175 that I could have hunted for...