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  1. GlassMan

    How to Date Esoterica Tobaccos?

    Thank you! That matches my bags perfectly.
  2. GlassMan

    How to Date Esoterica Tobaccos?

    Hello all, I am STILL confused about this. Would love somebody’s input. I have an iPhone timestamped photo of the day I bought these bags. They had just come in. It was December 2019. The code is 1063D102 it’s penzance. I have another bag that was bought brand new in July 2020. It is 1121E032...
  3. GlassMan

    What Would You Do With This Broken Castello

    Hey all. Been MIA for a long while. Very busy with work. Was never a big poster, but an avid smoker. On family vacation with like a million in laws. Absolutely horrible day. Went out front to enjoy a bowl and some quiet before bed. Looked up at the stars. Newest pipe (castello 55) slipped out of...
  4. GlassMan

    Smoking a Pipe at 36

    I’m 29. Started piping when I was 28. Cigars off and on since 18. I get called old man or dirty old man or professor by the uninitiated. I enjoy it. I smoke at parties and in public. Who cares what people think? Enjoy it
  5. GlassMan

    Pipe Lighter Recommendations

    I have a kiribi kenshi (I believe is the model) not gonna lie, it started getting very fussy after 12 months. I’m about to send it in for service. I love it otherwise. But not $30.
  6. GlassMan

    How Often?

    I have one every morning with coffee. Generally a Virginia, sometimes an English. I work in my garage, so I can smoke as much or as little as I want. It’s started to almost become a problem. Quit vaping a few months back and since then I have definitely started piping too much. I almost treat it...
  7. GlassMan

    Tin Flake vs. Bulk Ready Rubbed

    For some reason, I always forget to look at what is available as bulk. I know at least 5 blends I like could be had in bulk form. There is something nice about having a sealed tin. But for those daily smokes, I could benefit from some money saving and bulk buys.
  8. GlassMan

    Help Valuing / Identifying These Pipes

    Wow. Super cool. I know nothing about old pipe valuations, but I’m sure somebody on here does. No stems?
  9. GlassMan

    ***What Are You Smoking, December 2020?***

    Been enjoying the solani aged burley flake a lot lately. Just had a bowl in my radice aero.
  10. GlassMan

    My 4th Pipe I’ve Made ...

    Looks great man. Why did you use for the stem? Do you have a lathe?
  11. GlassMan

    Any Negatives to Estate Pipes?

    I don’t personally have the desire to restore estates or deal with fussy issues on pipes. That being said, three of my 6 pipes were estates, just realllllly clean ones.
  12. GlassMan

    Zippo Lighter or Butane Lighter

    Zippo is my personal favorite lighter of all time. My first girlfriend bought me a Led Zeppelin one for Christmas one year in high school. LOVE the look and tactile feel of them. For a pipe, I prefer butane. I can smell a zippo across the room. I’ll be honest, I have yet to ever try a zippo on a...
  13. GlassMan

    Am I Late to the Party?

    What shop? I’d to try some of those
  14. GlassMan

    Am I Late to the Party?

    Real mcclelland bulk or match blends?
  15. GlassMan

    Am I Late to the Party?

    I also felt like I missed the party when I learned of Mcclelland and all that they offered. I was oddly freak accident fortunate to find a tin of Grey Havens and Frog on the bayou at a very unexpected hole in the wall smoke shop. Both are good. But neither are my favorites. Traded a YouTube pipe...
  16. GlassMan

    Wet Wet Wet

    For some reason I get saliva if I’m clenching, and working in the garage at the same time. I also spit a lot (bad habit I’m told...)
  17. GlassMan

    Good Va-Per Tobacco

    Just got my hands on two tins of cabbies. Opened one, cellaring the other. It’s SO good. Escudo is the gold standard for me otherwise. Just finished a bowl of it.
  18. GlassMan

    Reaming Pipes

    I just bought the set of 4 reamers on Amazon with the plastic t handle. Actually fairly impressed with them for the price. Also got the silver adjustable one with the built in drill bit attachment. That one is way less versatile in my opinion. It’s the wrong shape. It has a wide point instead of...
  19. GlassMan

    I Have Reached The End

    I’m still working on my seven day set. I have 4 that I like a lot. One that is so so. Need 3 more to be content.
  20. GlassMan

    Mac Baren HH Pure Virginia at 5 Years

    Does ash digger have enough for the whole class?