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  1. davidy97

    Does Sweetened Black Cavendish Make Anyone Else Feel Crappy?

    I feel the opposite of crappy when I smoke black cav. Especially Lane dark red.
  2. davidy97

    What Tobacco did your Ancestors Smoke?

    Dad smoked Reds. He quit in the early 70's. My grandpa chewed union standard and red man chewing tobacco. Most of my uncles either chewed red man or dipped copenhagen. They were all dairy farmers. My grandpa said it was easier to chew than smoke when hauling hay and feeding. Didn't have to...
  3. davidy97

    USPS At It Again..

    I shipped a package the last week of Nov and the tracking hasn't been updated and it is still in post office limbo. Funny thing is I shipped three boxes at the same time. 2 made it, 1 is MIA.
  4. davidy97

    Why is Magnum Opus Just Magnum Now?

    So they trademarked the letter X along with Opus... They should be suing the porn industry.
  5. davidy97

    The Most Disappointing Tobacco

    Wilke rum cake is the only tobacco that I've dumped out in the back yard. My dog rolled on it. I hope I never accidentally buy the Jamaican rum that they use.
  6. davidy97

    Kudos to P&C

    2016 IPSD sale and give away had a few issues. I was lucky and they double shipped my order. I waited on hold for about 30 minutes and finally gave up trying to return it. Dozens of others were on the opposite end of screwed up shipments. Several people still hold grudges which I could...
  7. davidy97

    Show Us Your Mastro Geppetto & Ser Jacopo Pipes

    I grew up in Rowlett, suburb of Dallas.
  8. davidy97

    What Would You Like to Still Own from Your Younger Years?

    Wow. I've only seen one of those in person and that was in the early 90's. One of the rarest air cooled VWs.
  9. davidy97

    Do You Still Utilize Your Local Public Library?

    I download 4-5 audiobooks a month from the library to listen on my drive to work. Haven't paid for an audiobook in years. Listening to Papillon this week.
  10. davidy97

    Name ONE favorite...

    Lane dark red Dunhill 965 Eric stokkebye black cavendish Macbaren odf Rattray HOW Sutliff vanilla custard Peterson hyde park Drew estate gatsby flake Gawith dark birdseye Capt black grape
  11. davidy97

    The Filthiest Pipes I’ve Ever Restored.

    Some of the best smoking pipes I own were ragged out estate disasters. I'm of the opinion they must have been good smokers to be ravaged like they were. Little elbow grease and they turn out fabulous. A hot burning gurgler would not have been smoked that hard.
  12. davidy97

    Aromatics for Tobacco Lovers

    Macbaren original choice.
  13. davidy97

    In Praise of PS Luxury Navy Flake

    Does it store good in a planters peanut jar? Is it the glass jar w screw lid or the cardboard with plastic snap on lid? Do you get any peanut flavors?
  14. davidy97

    Why are Pipes Called Terra Cotta?

    Never heard of a pipe called this.
  15. davidy97

    What are You Reading Now?

    Salem's lot
  16. davidy97

    What Are You Drinking? August 2023

    Wild turkey 101
  17. davidy97

    Beefier Pipes

    Estate custom-bilt pipe are girthy.
  18. davidy97

    What do you guys think

    I've had good luck with estates that look like they've been smoked heavily. Sign of of a good smoking pipe.