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  1. boudreaux

    Happy Birthday Lawrence

    I'm late, but Happy Birthday Lawrence, and I hope you are feeling well again.
  2. boudreaux

    Working From Home is Nice : Updated Man-Cave Shot

    I like that silver wallpaper over the A/C! :rofl:
  3. boudreaux

    Welcome Back Cigrmaster

    And to think that I thought I was bad, eating two five pound bags of licorice Allsorts... :roll:
  4. boudreaux

    Christmas Present From Diston aka Batdemon

    Very nice detail. Such a beautiful surprise to receive as a gift.
  5. boudreaux

    What Made a Colonoscopy Suck Less?

    Well, I went to the doc because I was having digestive problems. That led to a CAT scan which detected a single lump in the colon. Then a colonoscopy and they said it was malignant but did not seem to have spread. Now awaiting pathology results to see if lymph nodes in the area may have been...
  6. boudreaux

    Frog Morton Issues

    Reading the posts and thinking about your experience, each of the beverages you mentioned are, of course, acidic by their nature. Maybe you might try just spring water to accompany your smoke to eliminate the added acid factor?
  7. boudreaux

    What Are You Smoking? November 2013

    Totally enjoying some Mellow Mac in a 35 year old small Missouri Meerschaum! :puffy:
  8. boudreaux

    What Are You Smoking? November 2013

    Butternut Burley in a Peterson Aran 106. Much better after a few months of aging.
  9. boudreaux

    Ever Sold A Pipe You Regret?

    I sold a bunch of carved meers to a fellow pipe smoker around the time I was about to get married. Now, forty plus years later, I wish I had them back, but I really can't recall whether or not they were good smokers, so the pain is not too great.
  10. boudreaux

    Any Advice?

    Couldn't resist this opportunity for a little humor here... Yes, plenty of advice! First, put a shirt on, in the instance that a hot ash may jump out of your pipe if you accidentally exhale. Second, don't pose in a photo with mountings of dead fish or animals in the background. Many women don't...
  11. boudreaux

    Any Chili Heads Around Here?

    Wonder if they still have the Chili Cookoff in Terlingua, Texas? Last I read, the town of Terlingua was up for sale. Used to have a recipe for Margot Knudson's $25,000 first prize chili winner cooked there. Not a fan of hot stuff, though.
  12. boudreaux

    A Face To Your Prayers. The Old Cajun

    Bradley, is he still living up in Vermont? Or LA now? Glad to hear it's treatable. Time for him to snap those suspenders and go dancin' to celebrate the gift of life!
  13. boudreaux

    Cellaring Tubs? Carter Hall, Sugar Barrel Ect.

    @brdavidson - HA! You're just a pup! :puffy:
  14. boudreaux

    What I Found On My Kitchen Table... Revealed!

    Enjoy the pair of nice gifts. What a thoughtful wife! :clap:
  15. boudreaux

    Hard Work's Reward

    Looks like it will be a great, cool smoker, and yes, nice wood! Re: What Six said - Ditto me on that. Been running a web design biz for past 13 years, and have yet to find a client that doesn't need to have it done "yesterday" after procrastinating, doesn't want to "spend much," and has no...
  16. boudreaux

    Aromatic aftertaste

    Interesting reactions to aros here. Underscores the wild variety of taste buds we have and makes me less apt to recommend anything I might like. I was going to suggest the adding of a bit of Carter Hall to the aro, but your stated preference for the latakia rather nullified that suggestion. As...
  17. boudreaux

    Aromatic Blends You'd Like To See

    Buttermilk Burley - Tastes as bad in your pipe as it looks in the pouch OMG Oriental - Yet another reason to utter that overused phrase Latin Latakia - Smoky blend flavored with jalapenos for extra bite
  18. boudreaux

    A Vanishing Breed? - Any Converts? Any Disciples?

    Thought I had one when a good friend's son bought him a pipe and some tobacco for his birthday. Encouraged hi, gave hime some Molto Dolce that he liked and bingo... He decided that pipe smoking was "too difficult" and he went back to his cigars. He's the only one I have regular contact with...
  19. boudreaux

    What Are You Smoking? October 2013

    Enjoying some P & W Vermont Maple Cavendish in an old, small MM cob. Sweet smoke! Tasty! :puffy:
  20. boudreaux

    Your thoughts on Mac Baren's Symphony

    Long ago, when I was first starting pipe smoking, I remember trying all sorts of tobaccos - aros and non-aros. Remember Royal Yacht, Amphora, Captain Black White, Sail, etc., but one seems to stand out in my memory that I have yet to try again, now that I'm revisiting the pipe - Mac Baren's...