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  1. Buckeyestime

    What Are You Listening To - June, 2024

    Bailey Zimmerman for a more soulful Morgan Wallen type sound.
  2. Buckeyestime

    Smoking, Grilling, and BBQ

    Here is another vote for a Weber Kettle grill for smoking. Pork shoulder and chicken smoke great without too much fuss using the snake method. Next night crank up the coals and sear some steaks. My poor Weber gas grill does not get much use.
  3. Buckeyestime

    Bourbon Reviews

    I have had the two Van Winkles and the Pappy 15, while good, not worth hype. As you can get them for MSRP, then definitely worth it for rarity alone. The Pappy 23 and the GTS were the best bourbons I have ever tasted (the Eagle Rare 17 is also very good). Good luck with the raffle.
  4. Buckeyestime

    Coffee or Tea?

    Four or five cups of black decaf coffee everyday prior to noon. Duncan decaf if possible or anything reasonable except for Starbucks as I find it burnt tasting. Earl Grey or English Breakfast in he afternoon if the mood hits me. Typically Twinings.
  5. Buckeyestime

    What Are You Drinking? April 2024

    Old Grand Dad 114. Pretty darn good higher octane bourbon for a steal price of $25. I have better and more expensive bottles, but this achieves a nice balance of quality and price.
  6. Buckeyestime

    And Your Favourite Cheese Is?

    Aged Cheddar or Gouda when they get small flecks of crystallization. Or Blue Cheese on a salad or steak.
  7. Buckeyestime

    The Love Of Pickles

    I am sure there is an actual recipe out there on the web, but I just free pour. Take a commercially available jar of dill spears, pour off approximately three ounces and replace with part maple syrup and part bourbon. Shake in red pepper flakes to desired heat level and then give it a few...
  8. Buckeyestime

    The Odor Of Pipe Tobacco

    My wife actually likes the smell of cigars and pipe tobacco, except for English blends, so as long as she is happy with the room note then I don‘t mind missing out on the scent as I smoke.
  9. Buckeyestime

    My Pipe Smoking Buddy is Gone

    I am sorry for your loss. I have had at least one dog for approximately 46 of my 56 years on earth. It is always difficult to see one go and I sure hope I see them in the afterlife.
  10. Buckeyestime

    What's For Dinner?

    Smoked a pork shoulder over rum barrel wood chips, then braised in a rum and coke sauce until internal temp hit 203. Honestly the rum flavor was so subtle that I am not sure the added effort was worth while. It was pretty good, but more subtle than my typical cherry/hickory wood chips and a...
  11. Buckeyestime

    What Are You Drinking? April 2024

    A couple of Miller Lites at weekly bar trivia.
  12. Buckeyestime

    What’s Your Storage Preference?

    I use a tupperdor with a humidor and some random cigar boxes with boveda inside it. Keeps the humidity rock steady. I also keep it on my basement where the temp ranges around mid-60 degrees.
  13. Buckeyestime


    I have only had it deep fried, but it was pretty good. Almost like a fuller flavored (dark meat) chicken. Toss in a few iced cold pilsners and it makes for a nice meal.
  14. Buckeyestime

    Irish Whisky

    Redbreast is really good. Knappogue Castle 12 year and Powers Three Swallow are right behind it. Jameson Black Barrel is definitely a step or two above the standard.
  15. Buckeyestime

    How/What Beverages do You Pair with Your Pipe?

    If it’s not coffee, then I prefer water or iced tea If I am trying to really enjoy the smoke. Guess I am smoking too fast as I prefer cold drinks to calm and reset my taste buds ever so often. If the whiskey is out, the I am less concerned with the nuances of the leaf and more about the...
  16. Buckeyestime

    Smoking Tobacco Based on the Season - Yes or No?

    I am open to anything at anytime as the mood hits, but I do have a tendency to smoke Latakia more in the colder months just I have the tendency to drink peatier scotch in the same weather. VA and burley are similar to bourbon - any and all times are open season. Cheers
  17. Buckeyestime

    Which Tobacco after Which Meal?

    Aromatics as a calorie free dessert alternative.
  18. Buckeyestime

    How Many Open Blends?

    Open and in rotation: 9 Aeros, 6 VA/vapers, 3 English, and Carter Hall as the prerequisite coffee accompaniment.
  19. Buckeyestime

    Which Beverage with which Tobacco?

    Water always refreshes the pallet and allows the tobacco to come through. Coffee with burley is a no brainer. I love a nice whiskey with cigars, but find that the higher proof overwhelms the nuance of pipe tobacco.
  20. Buckeyestime

    Escudo Alternative

    PS Bullseye, Navy, and twist with some age on them, while not a direct alternate for Escudo, does offer an interesting smoke. I have about a pound of them from 2016 that tastes great, too bad I still get tongue bite from VA.