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  1. cyndi

    A Son's Observation

    LOL, that's great! It's amazing what we pick up from our family.
  2. cyndi

    What's your poison of choice when smoking a pipe?

    Lately, I've been going through a lot of Grey Goose Cherry Noir. It's pretty yummy!
  3. cyndi

    ***What are You Smoking?*** (July 2012)

    Anniversary Kake in my Rinaldo
  4. cyndi

    Where Cyndi's Been

    Thanks everyone for the well wishes and prayers! Today has been really hard so I'll be back on either later when I'm drunk or tomorrow.
  5. cyndi

    Where Cyndi's Been

    I know this update has been long overdue and I want to say thank you to everyone who sent me a message on here and FB. You guys are awesome! As many of you know, I have Lupus and Fibromyalgia and until just the past few days I haven't had health insurance. The stress of the house being...
  6. cyndi

    OK I am back sorta.

    I hope you're feeling better and be sure to behave!
  7. cyndi

    Young pipe smoker, need some suggestions!

    I'd find something really strong and stinky and smoke that for about a week. Pipe tobacco smoke really doesn't linger so she's bitching just to bitch. Give her a good reason to!
  8. cyndi

    Peterson Sunset Breeze - Pipe Tobacco Review

    It's actually pretty great. It's Smirnoff Fluffed vodka and if you mix it with orange Fanta it tastes just like a creamsicle.
  9. cyndi

    Haddo's Delight- O. M. G.

    I've noticed that the flavor of Haddo's differs from pipe to pipe. I have 2 pipes that turn it into a super happy fun time. In the others it ranges from meh to blergh.
  10. cyndi

    I've Got A Technology Headache

    Storient - I have an iPad 1 even though I dislike Apple's philosophy. My smartphone is a HTC that runs Android and as soon as Android-capable tablets can match the quality of the iPad, I'm jumping ship. (Well, as soon as they catch up AND I can afford it. ;))
  11. cyndi

    Peterson Sunset Breeze - Pipe Tobacco Review

    I love Sunset Breeze and it only gets better as it ages. It's very yummy with marshmallow vodka.
  12. cyndi

    Question: What aesthetics do you like in a pipe?

    I like traditional shapes with a partial bend and a little flash to them - a silver spigot or band, an interesting stem, etc...
  13. cyndi

    What is Happening to the Friendship and Friendly Discussions?

    Thanks, docwatson. I'm considering making a separate post to fill everyone in but I'm feeling kinda shy lately. Not even my parents know the extent of it because they have their own stuff going on.
  14. cyndi

    Update from Irish.....

    Every day will be a little better. The first day after my surgery I couldn't pee and I cussed every nurse and doctor until they cathed me, then made percocet induced friends with the ex-navy medic who stopped by to change my pee-bag in the middle of the night. Feel better! We're all here with you!
  15. cyndi

    What Are You Smoking? June 2012

    Peterson Sunset Breeze in my Bent Bob.
  16. cyndi

    Kindle Fire..

    My SIL has one and she seems happy with it. I got to play with it at Christmas and it was really nice and I liked that it does more than just read ebooks.
  17. cyndi

    Dog Done it

    Wow, that's a great restoration! I'm glad that both the dog and the pipe are still alive. :D
  18. cyndi

    I've Got A Technology Headache

    shoot, I'd be lost without my smartphone! I prefer a slide out keyboard because I don't get along very well with phone size touch screens (I have naturally long fingernails) and I like being able to text like I type. I'm a total grammar nazi, so I get sick if I see text-speak - which My Dad is...
  19. cyndi

    Are You a Pipe Smoking Couple?

    Mine does and I steal regularly from him. ;) Lately he's been really busy with work (getting to #2 man in 9 months is hard work!) so we don't get to smoke together as often as we did.
  20. cyndi

    A Good Cherry Tobacco?

    7 Seas Red is awesomesauce! The flavor is wild cherry instead of sweet cherry.