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  1. Sinzalot

    Question for UK pipe smokers

    These days a tin of pipe tobacco in the UK costs about £20 for a 50g tin, prices can vary a little between tobacconists but it's around that ball park. Have a good trip, happy smokes puffy
  2. Sinzalot

    Tobacco storage

    if it's warm it could just be condensation building up. I've had my jars mist up if i've left them in the sun with the lid sealed tight.
  3. Sinzalot

    Why do You Smoke a Pipe?

    Why? My father smoked a pipe and he always looked forward to it, that peaked my interest when I was young. I always loved the smell of the tobacco and longed to try it. Fast forward to my early twenties and feeling the need to quit cigarettes I naturally turned to the pipe. My father passed away...
  4. Sinzalot

    How Long Have You Smoked a Pipe?

    Four foot one puffy
  5. Sinzalot

    Meerschaum pipes

    Smoke the ass out of it and enjoy puffy
  6. Sinzalot

    How Long does a Smoke Last?

    For me on average about 45mins in my trusty Savinelli 105 burning Peterson's Signature Flake. Happy smokes folks puffy
  7. Sinzalot

    I Don't Smoke in Warm Weather. You?

    I don't smoke in cold weather...and so the universe balances out again. Happy smokes puffy
  8. Sinzalot

    Choicest Plugs

    Choicest for me... Samuel Gawith St James Plug, wonderful. puffy
  9. Sinzalot

    The Right Pipe for the Right Tobacco

    Peterson's Signature Flake & Savinelli 105 = Heaven puffy
  10. Sinzalot

    Tobacco/Song Pairing: What's Your Tune?

    My pipe smoking is done in silence, I have enough noise throughout my day so if it's music you want to listen to when I'm enjoying my pipe best you put your headphones on... and get off my lawn! puffy
  11. Sinzalot

    Have You Found "Your Blend"?

    Yep, it's now discontinued but I've got a good deep cellar full of ageing tins and plenty of other my other favourites to enjoy in between. puffy
  12. Sinzalot

    Top 3 Straight Virginias

    Peterson's Signature Flake Germains Brown Flake OGS (even with that single grain of perique added) puffy
  13. Sinzalot

    To Rub or Not to Rub?

    Breaking them in half won't matter, the main thing is getting them in the jar. Happy smokes mate puffy
  14. Sinzalot

    If You Could Have Only One...

    Peterson's Signature Flake in a Savinelli 105. Incredibly underrated flake made even better in the small perfectly shaped pipe. Bring on the rest of my life. puffy
  15. Sinzalot

    Are Ropp Pipes Good?

    Ropp pipes are great. They're affordable and the majority have small chambers which suits me perfectly.
  16. Sinzalot

    Pipes You Don't Smoke?

    G Geez Embers mate! Makes my Savinelli 105 look like a Kiseru puffy
  17. Sinzalot

    Half a Bowl Left when Out and About...

    I used to coil up a pipe cleaner into a disc shape and plug the tobacco chamber with it. I used this trick if I knew I would be able to fire up again soon. If not I'd toss the remainder and start again once I'm settled down. puffy
  18. Sinzalot

    Pipes You Don't Smoke?

    I have a brandy Baki Meer that I've smoked once. Nothing wrong with it at all it just looked a lot smaller in the photo when I purchased it. It's feckin' hooge! It's ok if I want to smoke a 50g tin in one bowlful or if I have the urge to feel like a hobbit holding a bucket with a didgeridoo...
  19. Sinzalot

    Instant Favorites

    Dockworker Peterson's Signature Flake Miestermischung No 88 OGS
  20. Sinzalot

    ***What Are You Smoking, April 2023?***

    That a gorgeous lil beaut sir! I love everything a bout it. Bravo. puffy