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  1. 3rdguy

    Sutliff Manufacturering Date

    They do not. I inquired directly with them a few years ago about adding it and they said they would "pass it along".
  2. 3rdguy

    Watching Smokey Dan and Thought...

    Been shipping with a guy in New Haven for years now…highly suggested to find someone!
  3. 3rdguy

    Recent TAD Pick-Ups

    Had to refill my daily..
  4. 3rdguy

    Royal Twist

    I am just finishing a tin…did not care for it. Not the least of which it bit me pretty good each bowl. Chemistry thing for me I assume. Tried it several ways. I will be selling off my remainder at some point. Best tin art in awhile however!
  5. 3rdguy

    Your Top Five Burley Blends

    OJK. Crooner in the winter. Five brothers. Peterson Irish Flake. Did not care for Haunted Bookshop at all…kind of surprising. Dockworker was too Oriental for me.
  6. 3rdguy

    Slimming Down -- Culling the Collection

    I am the rarity. 13 pipes, ton of tobacco.
  7. 3rdguy

    Re: Brobs

    So Dec 5th the forums will become more lively again, just in time for Christmas!
  8. 3rdguy

    Danish Pipe Shop Tobacco Recommendations?

    Get the Brown Sugar Flake and there is another blend made by SG just for them…cannot recall the name offhand. Ask at the store.
  9. 3rdguy

    Captain Earle Blends

    I also recommend Ten Russians.
  10. 3rdguy

    ***What Are You Smoking, August 2021?***

    Some of my Royal Twist Deluxe just arrived.
  11. 3rdguy

    Electric Vehicles

    They have to make a minimum sound. More info here:
  12. 3rdguy

    The Secondary Market = Comic Relief

    Takes $285 in lighter fluid to get Dark Star lit…
  13. 3rdguy

    MacBaren Royal Twist Remake

    I take that back....the Navy Plug was over $20 a tin..
  14. 3rdguy

    MacBaren Royal Twist Remake

    Price went up quite a bit from the previous editions...didn't stop me from buying however :sher:
  15. 3rdguy

    MacBaren Royal Twist Remake

    I am starting with 10! (Have to get that free shipping) See how I like it…
  16. 3rdguy

    Electric Vehicles

    Here in Iowa an EV has to pay a higher annual registration fee to make up for the road tax. A lot of people are saying it equates to more then a normal driver pays annually in gas tax but…it is what it is.
  17. 3rdguy

    Electric Vehicles

    The new Tesla 4680 batteries are supposed to give 16% more range and cost them half what the current ones cost to make. No one actually knows since it is just Elon talking and the battery is not made yet…
  18. 3rdguy

    Electric Vehicles

    They are almost too quite, in a parking lot you can easily sneak up on someone in a bad way. The main problem I have with them right now is cold weather performance. When it gets cold around here, say -10 or so, you can have a full charge and within 10 minutes it is saying you lost 40% of your...
  19. 3rdguy

    C&D Sunbear 2021 Edition “Black Locust”

    Just went up at Iwan Ries..