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  1. eazye77

    Review on Montford Point Marine

    So back in Feb., on my birthday, I treated myself to a TAD and picked up another blend from Cornell & Diehl called Montford Point Marine. I wanted something different to smoke today so I cracked it open for the first time. For those who are into latikia, this blend I would recommend. This is a...
  2. eazye77

    P&C Tobacco of the Month Club

    Hey Fam! I was online today checking out P&C's new site and came across the Tobacco of the Month Club. I was thinking about joining as a birthday gift to myself (2/3/2014) and was wondering if anyone else has tried it? If so, is it worth it? Thanks much!
  3. eazye77

    Cleaning Alternatives

    Hey all! Just wondering are there other alternatives to use to clean your pipes besides alcohol? Sometimes I may not have it on had and I try not to let my pipes go too long without cleaning them after a few smokes. Thanks Fam!
  4. eazye77

    Can You Put your Finger on It?

    Here's a random thought: What tobacco have you encountered that you absolutely love, but when asked to describe it you just can't compare it to anything you smoked before? No matter how hard you try the words just don't flow. All you know that it was a match made in heaven in your book! For me...
  5. eazye77

    When a Corn Cob Runs it Course

    I have a MM corn cob that I bought last year and replaced it with a forever stem some months back. Although it still smokes grate, I was wondering how do you know when it's ran it course? It has a pretty good tar build up in the bowl, but nothing that is detrimental and again it smokes well...
  6. eazye77

    Does Price Make a Pipe???

    I know that many people pay a good amount of money for a quality pipe and others on estate pipes or pipes that cost less then 50.00 or so. Like anything the better it's made the more you pay, but my question is can you still get the same taste/effect from a tobacco in cheaper pipe vs. a pipe...
  7. eazye77

    Tin Star Gold. . .Your Kidding Right?

    I was between a rock and a hard place so I decided to go to a local tobacco shop and buy some "cheap" costing tobacco to tide me over until my shipment came. I'm not a big fan of Captain Black so I picked up some Tin Star Gold. Fist of all, I should have known that this was crap seeing how it...
  8. eazye77

    My 2 Cents on Limerick

    Well it finally came yesterday and I just smoked my first bowl of it last night and one this morning! Limerick is just how it is described. Fresh, bright citrus Virginia with a hint of figs and a plum note from the quality pinch (5%) of Perique. Although it seems to have a bit more of perique in...
  9. eazye77

    Limerick Coming my Way

    WOW! I can't believe after almost a year I finally got my hands on a tin of Dan Tobacco Limerick. Just placed the order today and I'm so excited to try it. Heard good things about this blend so I will be giving my two cent soon! Speaking of two cent. If anyone else has tried this in the past, I...
  10. eazye77

    2 Years and Counting!

    Hey Fam! It's been a long time since I been on the forum. Been going through some things, but I just wanted to say that it's been two years this month since I smoked my first pipe! :clap: On that note, thank you all for your advice and suggestions with pipes and tobacco brands. I have really...
  11. eazye77


    Tried Captain Black today. Not me at all! What are your thoughts? Is the newest version better?
  12. eazye77

    May 31st WNTD

    May 31st is World No Tobacco Day! My question is will you lay down your pipes that day or will you continue on with our hobby?
  13. eazye77

    How Risky are You?

    Have you ever bought a blend that you knew nothing about nor was it suggested? What was it and what did you think? Is it something you buy again or recommend? Would love to hear your thoughts!
  14. eazye77

    Your Best Baccy W/ Room Note

    What baccy can you recommend that has a fantastic room note for smoking indoors? Keep in mind that Im not an aroe man at all! Thanks.
  15. eazye77

    Pipe Preference

    As a pipe smoker do you prefer straight or bent stems? I'm finding myself to be more of a bent stem man. :D
  16. eazye77

    Your LAST Smoke

    We have all heard of what would be your last meal if this was your final day on earth. So what would be your tobacco of choice in the end? I think for me, it would be Royal Yacht. Might as well go out on a vitamin N high. Lol!! :rofl:
  17. eazye77

    Women & the Pipe

    I have been itching to bring this subject up. Do you find it lady like for a woman to enjoy the hobby of pipe smoking or do you feel it's a man thing? Can't wait for your thoughts. . . I know I just opened a can of worms. Lol!
  18. eazye77

    Other Tobacco Websites

    [iHey family, I am faithful to p & c. com, but what are some other good sites to purchase tobacco like p & c? Thanks in advance!
  19. eazye77

    Who has Tried This. . .

    Hey Family, Want to order some Depp Hollow by McClelland and wanted to get your take on it. I hear that it's some good stuff, but can't find a description on it. Again, just wanting some feedback on it. Thank! :wink:
  20. eazye77

    C&D Tuskegee Airmen

    So when I ordered my tobacco I decided to get a tin on whim that I never tried before. I went with C&D Tuskegee Airmen! I wanted this last month to honor Black History Month, but didn't discover this blend until later. IMO this blend is perfect if you are a lat man like myself. It is the perfect...